Friday, January 23, 2009


I have a router, but no base computer to run it from. I could use mine, but I like to wander. Of course, I am not wandering right now, so hmmm. decisions, decisions. The cold I have been trying to catch was finally caught yesterday. Laid me out flat. But am feeling much better today. I do miss having a microwave. Would put a hot towel on my chest, but last night I did take advantage of my wonderful German bathtub. I love the tubs here. I only know what they are like in housing, but is always the same. A nice deep tub, like a garden tub, but normal width. A tub it is possible to soak in up to your neck. Also, heater right in the bathroom. Heaven. I know I still need to get pictures of the house on here, I have been slacking. Ivy & I both had eye exams today. She is fine, just a slight prescription & as she is doing well in school & not getting headaches or anything, going to wait on glasses for her. As for me, I need a stronger prism, but the Dr said no rush if my glasses aren't bothering me, so I'll gladly wait. He did say next time it goes up, though, I should consider surgery. Because my vision isn't that bad, the problem is w/ my eyes crossing. I have been a lazy bum while trying to beat this cold & driving rather than walking. I feel guilty, but justified. The boys finally start school this Monday. Hurray!! I bought an adorable stuffed rat at Ikea last week. I got it with the intention of sending it to daddy, but it was sooooooo cute I was going to keep it. Then Sera got a hold of it & is hilarious! Everytime she gets a hold of it, she tries to break it's back. It snowed today again, but then melted :(
One last thing before I sign off today.
Happy Birthday Sophia!!
Love ya kiddo

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