Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Heeeellllllooooooo & Happy New Year
Well, this has been a long unintended absence. We arrived safe & sound in Germany on 3 January. I finally got internet at the house this monday, & my computer decided to hate the connection. It is having major issues, but Zach got a computer for his birthday, so am using his for the time being. I can email & IM on mine, but it won't open internet explorer. Grr. The boys have ended up with a very extended vacation as they finished their finals before we left, so can't start school until the new semester starts on the 26th. yeesh. The house is gorgeous & I love it. When I can access the internet on my computer again, I will post photos. I got my USAREUR license today, so can drive over here as soon as I pick up the car (tomorrow.) We have functional loaner furniture & kitchen items that will work until our stuff gets here in Februrary. The boys are loving the CAC (community activities center,) & the teen center. They are lucky as Robin is old enough to be in charge of his siblings, so they don't have to wait on me to go play pool. I have once again displayed my apptitude for accidents & sliced a chunk out of my finger while making soup on monday night. Not even a week & a half in country & I got to experience the German ER. The hospital is the klinikum, they definitely do things a bit different. But I am fine. I have a GREAT BIG bandage for a small chunk out of the tip of my finger. The kids stayed home while the neighbor kindly took me to the klinikum. Zach finished making the soup per my instructions, & it was delicious, but the ham seemed awfully odd to eat. We had lots of fun joking about the "hand" soup. Unfortunately I dropped the finger piece, (found later in my pocket,) & was scolded by the German Dr, but I don't know how they could've reattached it being so small. Just deep enough to cause issues w/ bleeding. I went for follow up at the Health Clinic on base & when they cleaned it & changed the dressing, could see is not that big, just very raw & meaty looking. eeeewwwwww. Ivy was able to start school right off, & started w/ her new Girl Scout troop yesterday & really enjoyed it. (I think she is "crushing on" the GS leaders son, even though she said is vice versa.) I am taking her next week for an eye exam on recommendation of school nurse, thinks she needs glasses. It has been COLD!!!! I love walking around post, but it is very very cold. Today was 10 when I got home. Just a bit chilly, actually felt somewhat warm, (was 8 yesterday.) Just tickles me how the temp is always lower than Yahoo says the low is. It snowed the day after we got here & has stayed nice all this time, still playable - just stay away from yellow snow. The pets made it though the trip non-the-worse-for-wear. I will write more at another time, but it is time to wrap it up for tonight. God Bless & ttyl.

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