Monday, January 19, 2009


Where'd the night go? I am so behind on reading all of my web type stuff: e-mails, blogs, etc. Sitting here going through my e-mails, I completely lost track of time, but just knew I was tired. Well good grief, it's after midnight. Sheesh. So just a shorty. Watched the newest Narnia movie tonight. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I felt it was better than the first. Not that the first one was bad, just felt it was a bit blah. But it was good. Another thing that was good was dinner. YUM!!! I picked up a knorr packet for wiener schnitzel & rahm sauce. Ohhhhhh, it was soooooo good. So, had rahm schnitzel, fries & broccoli for dinner. yummy yummy yummy. Also, actually made Ivy a decent bento for lunch. I am finally getting back in the groove. Moving always throws me out of whack, & add being in a foriegn country to the equation & it is even harder to find my equalibrium. Anywho,

Ivy's tues. bento:
2 onigiri (rice balls) w/ american cheese & ham faces, broccoli & sliced hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes & red grapes.

If I had been thinking, would have made something to reflect the inauguration, but spaced it.
Well, that is all for tonight I have GOT to get to sleep. TTYL. :)

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