Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have figured out a way to take photos while out & about w/o being too obvious. If I hold my camera in my palm, I can snap photos from the hip. I have a ton of pics I need to upload, but I am beat & will have to get to it later. I just wanted to say hi & will ttyl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fasching!!

Or also known as Fat Tuesday, Karneval or Mardi Gras. I need a buddy to bolster my nerve. I have no problem being a goober tourist with a camera in the commercial & mainstream places, but feel like a stalker or some other kind of freaky wierdo when out in more residential areas off post. Not knowing the language is a definite factor & at this point is no ones fault but my own. I need to get my happy tuckuss over to the CAC & sign up for laguage classes. They're free for Pete's sake. I do have excuses, but that is all they are, excuses. The pup garners a fair amount of attention. I find the older German ladies reallu like her & they start talking away to me & I have no idea what they are saying other than maybe one word in 10 if I am lucky. Pup-a-dup & I walked down to the back side of the Bahnhof today. Was really neat to see the locals out & about in their costumes & revelry. I find when I go on these super walks, I end up not accomplishing a whole lot else, but it is enjoyable. Wish I had mama here though, or Grandma. They are 2 ppl I know would love these walks. I am confident mama will get here this time around, but the only way we could get grandma here would be to tranqualize her for the entire trip. Too bad teleporters like in Star Trek aren't real. Well, that is all for tonight. Here's a link to a great new (for me) musician I have discovered over here (on the German radio - is a German artist) Max Mutzke. Enjoy & don't forget to get your wildness out today, for tomorrow is Lent.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh Joy!

I am happy. Oh so happy. I have wireless & can dance with joy.
Yes the computers need to be shot, but Robin has (temporarily) donated his PC to the cause. Until we either get the home computer fixed - it's disk drive has epilepsy - or get a new home comp, he will just have his comp in the family room. They are all having issues, other than his. Ugh, so thinking this next one will have to go with a Mac b/c I just can't keep up w/ the issues PC's have & that is where the experts keep saying to go. Well, sorry to be so short, but I just need to get my act together & be organized so as to really write. I hope all is well with everyone out there in your corners of the world & will ttyl.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I have noticed that since I quit smoking, I tend to make faces when tired, stressed or concentrating. I have no idea how I look, but has to be funny. I catch myself pursing, curling, twisting my lips or other odd mouth movements. I guess too many years of having something stuck there has me in the habit, must look pretty funny when I drive. I had a wonderful day today. I went to bed last night early birdy & woke after 9.5 hours of sleep well rested for a change. Had a nice little walk with Sera followed by an even nicer chat with my honey. The connection may not be the best, but it is there & that is what counts. I paid the bills - not fun, but feels good to have it done, then went out to market w/ my new friend. I love the German outdoor markets. Everything is so fresh, & walking in the brisk weather buying fresh produce & bread, heavenly. Unfortunately, it was one of the very few times I did not have my camera with me. Oh well. Next time. I did catch a picture, (not a good one,) of a bird this morning while out walking. I haven't yet identified the birds - other than crows - around here. I need a local bird book. Next time I go downtown will have to check out a book store & hope I can explain what I want. I was going to adjust these pics, but the eldest is waiting fairly patiently for the computer, so I guess I will wrap it up.

Finally, yesterdays Bento's came out lovely, the eggs did perfect. The trick for me seems to be, use large eggs, stick the pot w/ the cold water & eggs in molds in the fridge & forget they are there until morning. The onigiri is seasoned wth / salt, pepper & Mrs. Dash garlic, there is also pepper jack cheese for the boys & butter kase for Ivy. Hot dogs & veggies. Delicious & cute, but not very imaginative.

Well, I have to go, he is sighing in boredom now. So good night my friends & until next time, peace!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fabulous Day

It's early in the day & I figured I could start writing in between appointments & obligations. I am so excited, we get our stuff on Tuesday. Less than a week & I'll have my comfy bed & recliner back. I miss other stuff too, but those are the main things. It will be like Christmas. That is one of the benefits of moving, you get to evaluate your belongings & start with a fresh palette. Of course, the poor little pup & kitty will have to be locked in the basement for the day, can't have them running away while the movers are busy. It has been snowing again, & is so pretty. I took Sera for a walk & was a bad girl. When we got by the lake, I let her off her leash & let her RUN. Boy-o-boy did she have a blast & I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. Now she is worn out & napping in my lap. It is time to run again, so I shall finish this later...

it was a very nice day. It snowed some more nice, big, slow, fat flakes. Of course, I wait til later tonight to finish the blog & now am ready to go to bed. I would drag the computer w/ me, but don't have internet upstairs. grr. I hope tomorrow is another beautiful day. I will actually write about food again tomorrow too, I promise. Tshuss

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I hate cords!

This having to share one connection for the internet is making me NUTS! I can't wait to be cordless again, soon though. Our house hold goods will be delivered this upcoming Tuesday. Woo Hoo!!!!! I am so excited & can not wait until I get my bed back. I would love to write more, but right now it is the kiddo's turn. Ugh, soon. Peace!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy Day

I had a good day w/ a sour patch at the end. I went to the store this evening w/the kids & got distracted as they were having issues not bagging our shopping & being tired, hungry & cranky, & I ended up losing my my change purse & almost 20euro.
It was our last day of PEP class & we road the train down to Erlangen to the mall. I finished the day having a small coffee & writing a postcard.
I am really feeling off still though, so I will call it a night & will talk to you bis spater.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grüß Gott

Grüß Gott is a traditional greeting in southern Germany, (at least in Bavaria.) It loosely translates to greet God, similar to our God Bless.

I had a wonderful day today. As it was my only day I had w/ nothing scheduled in the evening, I took the kids down town. We rode the bus, which is actually not as cost effective as driving & using parking garage, but the kids really enjoyed it. Of course, b/c we went right after school, trying to get Ivy to do her homework now is a royal pain.
I wish I had gotten a picture of the kids eating. I bought them döner kebab & spezi for dinner. Döner kebab is like a Gyro & spezi is a cola & orange fanta mix. All good, & definitely not the norm for average America.
I have been going to PEP class all this week & having a blast. So much fun to be hanging out w/ other spouses, (can't say wives as there is 1 older gentleman w/ us,) learning about our new home. Yesterday morning was very foggy, so made the walk to PEP a bit eery, but made for a good photo of a crow in the tree. We went to a German grocery store yesterday & ordered the fixings for our lunch, which is where I saw the cute pig cookies. Not sure what's up w/ the pig theme for me lately, just like those farm type animals - in theory, not necesarily reality. I had to get some new boots, as the only shoes I had on hand were my crocs & snow boots. Well, the snow boots were eating my socks ( went through 5 pair - ruined w/ great big holes & had no ankle support. So our first trip downtown w/ class I bought these beauties. Aren't they schön, (beautiful?)

Here's the youngun's on way home from our grand outing.

kids in front of super cool statue in gorgeous downtown Bamberg & bunch of ducks.

Tomorrow our class is taking the train to a nearby town to go to the mall, woo hoo. So I should hopefully be able to find cool presents. Das ist alles für heute Abend. Gute nacht mein freunde.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guten Abend

Hello my friends. I want to start w/ a quick apology. I am exhausted & barely have the energy to write, so am uploading my pics from today (completely unedited - not even rotated,) to my flickr account. Please go check them out at Enjoy & I will hopefully be up for writing tomorrow. If not, then definitely Thursday as there is nothing extra in the evening yet. So, good night & happy viewing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday

No good pics to share today. I think when I get some good ones, I need to stash some aside just in case I need them for another day. I started PEP class today & it is sooooo fun. Today was a bunch of presenters. Mostly talked about what is available on base & was a general welcome. We did go to the consolidated dining facility for lunch though & it was excellent. Tomorrow we venture out, & I am psyched.
I just took a break to go make lunches & realized the dishwasher hasn't been run. I could wash their stuff by hand, but will just make lunches in AM. So, short & sweet tonight & I should have great stuff tomorrow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ack - will I ever get back to normal

Ok, first let me clarify for all of you smart alek's. I mean normal for me. Here it is late, late, late again & I am just now getting to the blog. But lunches are made & the dog has had some rabbit chasing time, so I am ready for bed. Tomorrow starts PEP class & I am so psyched. I haven't gone to anything like it since I went through head start when I was a single little private back many years ago. PEP stands for "People Encouraging People" & is an introduction to Germany in general & our bit of it in particular. I promise to take lots of pictures this week to post. I hope everyone is enjoying the Superbowl & I am off to bed to rest up for my big adventure in the a.m. Tshuss!