Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ack - will I ever get back to normal

Ok, first let me clarify for all of you smart alek's. I mean normal for me. Here it is late, late, late again & I am just now getting to the blog. But lunches are made & the dog has had some rabbit chasing time, so I am ready for bed. Tomorrow starts PEP class & I am so psyched. I haven't gone to anything like it since I went through head start when I was a single little private back many years ago. PEP stands for "People Encouraging People" & is an introduction to Germany in general & our bit of it in particular. I promise to take lots of pictures this week to post. I hope everyone is enjoying the Superbowl & I am off to bed to rest up for my big adventure in the a.m. Tshuss!

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