Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grüß Gott

Grüß Gott is a traditional greeting in southern Germany, (at least in Bavaria.) It loosely translates to greet God, similar to our God Bless.

I had a wonderful day today. As it was my only day I had w/ nothing scheduled in the evening, I took the kids down town. We rode the bus, which is actually not as cost effective as driving & using parking garage, but the kids really enjoyed it. Of course, b/c we went right after school, trying to get Ivy to do her homework now is a royal pain.
I wish I had gotten a picture of the kids eating. I bought them döner kebab & spezi for dinner. Döner kebab is like a Gyro & spezi is a cola & orange fanta mix. All good, & definitely not the norm for average America.
I have been going to PEP class all this week & having a blast. So much fun to be hanging out w/ other spouses, (can't say wives as there is 1 older gentleman w/ us,) learning about our new home. Yesterday morning was very foggy, so made the walk to PEP a bit eery, but made for a good photo of a crow in the tree. We went to a German grocery store yesterday & ordered the fixings for our lunch, which is where I saw the cute pig cookies. Not sure what's up w/ the pig theme for me lately, just like those farm type animals - in theory, not necesarily reality. I had to get some new boots, as the only shoes I had on hand were my crocs & snow boots. Well, the snow boots were eating my socks ( went through 5 pair - ruined w/ great big holes & had no ankle support. So our first trip downtown w/ class I bought these beauties. Aren't they schön, (beautiful?)

Here's the youngun's on way home from our grand outing.

kids in front of super cool statue in gorgeous downtown Bamberg & bunch of ducks.

Tomorrow our class is taking the train to a nearby town to go to the mall, woo hoo. So I should hopefully be able to find cool presents. Das ist alles für heute Abend. Gute nacht mein freunde.

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Danielle said...

So jealous! We didn't have any cool classes like that when we were in Japan! I would have been all over those! Glad you're having so much fun! Is it me or does Ivy's hair look a lot longer now than when we saw her last?