Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fasching!!

Or also known as Fat Tuesday, Karneval or Mardi Gras. I need a buddy to bolster my nerve. I have no problem being a goober tourist with a camera in the commercial & mainstream places, but feel like a stalker or some other kind of freaky wierdo when out in more residential areas off post. Not knowing the language is a definite factor & at this point is no ones fault but my own. I need to get my happy tuckuss over to the CAC & sign up for laguage classes. They're free for Pete's sake. I do have excuses, but that is all they are, excuses. The pup garners a fair amount of attention. I find the older German ladies reallu like her & they start talking away to me & I have no idea what they are saying other than maybe one word in 10 if I am lucky. Pup-a-dup & I walked down to the back side of the Bahnhof today. Was really neat to see the locals out & about in their costumes & revelry. I find when I go on these super walks, I end up not accomplishing a whole lot else, but it is enjoyable. Wish I had mama here though, or Grandma. They are 2 ppl I know would love these walks. I am confident mama will get here this time around, but the only way we could get grandma here would be to tranqualize her for the entire trip. Too bad teleporters like in Star Trek aren't real. Well, that is all for tonight. Here's a link to a great new (for me) musician I have discovered over here (on the German radio - is a German artist) Max Mutzke. Enjoy & don't forget to get your wildness out today, for tomorrow is Lent.

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