Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I have noticed that since I quit smoking, I tend to make faces when tired, stressed or concentrating. I have no idea how I look, but has to be funny. I catch myself pursing, curling, twisting my lips or other odd mouth movements. I guess too many years of having something stuck there has me in the habit, must look pretty funny when I drive. I had a wonderful day today. I went to bed last night early birdy & woke after 9.5 hours of sleep well rested for a change. Had a nice little walk with Sera followed by an even nicer chat with my honey. The connection may not be the best, but it is there & that is what counts. I paid the bills - not fun, but feels good to have it done, then went out to market w/ my new friend. I love the German outdoor markets. Everything is so fresh, & walking in the brisk weather buying fresh produce & bread, heavenly. Unfortunately, it was one of the very few times I did not have my camera with me. Oh well. Next time. I did catch a picture, (not a good one,) of a bird this morning while out walking. I haven't yet identified the birds - other than crows - around here. I need a local bird book. Next time I go downtown will have to check out a book store & hope I can explain what I want. I was going to adjust these pics, but the eldest is waiting fairly patiently for the computer, so I guess I will wrap it up.

Finally, yesterdays Bento's came out lovely, the eggs did perfect. The trick for me seems to be, use large eggs, stick the pot w/ the cold water & eggs in molds in the fridge & forget they are there until morning. The onigiri is seasoned wth / salt, pepper & Mrs. Dash garlic, there is also pepper jack cheese for the boys & butter kase for Ivy. Hot dogs & veggies. Delicious & cute, but not very imaginative.

Well, I have to go, he is sighing in boredom now. So good night my friends & until next time, peace!

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