Monday, March 30, 2009

I am LOSING my mind!!!

I am in a weird mode lately. Not sure if I am being apathetic or just plain lazy. My get up & go has got up & went. Also, can't keep things straight.
I love Germany, it is so funny. To us Americans, these castles are amazing & awe inspiring. To the people around them though they are every day. Went with a friend last friday to check out a castle for a princess ball for Girl Scouts. we brought our girls & had a grand old time.
Just freaked out & was running around like a chicken w/ it's head caught off. Thought the boys ortho appt was today. I know it is on the first, I have been telling them it is on the first, but - well..... Here's what happened: Took a nap after kids left for school, made work order appt, & took care of some e-mails. Woke up & & saw was almost 10 & thought - OH #@$%! The kids will be late & this orthontist does NOT allow that. What am I gonna do? So I look for the number everywhere, finally find it online, call the school & tell them to send Robin on down to the orthodontist & I'll be there in a few to get Zach.

Grabbed my socks, dumped off coffee cup in the overflowing sink (dishwasher is kaput,) saw coffee pot was still on, adrenaline is pumping at this point & I am a mess. Sat down to put on socks & thought - wait. What is today? Let me look at those appt slips. Huh, says April 1. Today is not the first. CRAP! So had to call the school back to try & catch Robin, but as my phone is a German phone & I don't understand it & can't figure out redial, have to look up the number again. But had put laptop in sleep mode - closed it up to keep kitty off of it - have to re-log on. Got through & JUST caught Robin as he was signing out. So now everyone at the school knows what a ditz I am, but I can breathe. Ahhhhh - they aren't late.
On another note. Was thinking about this to blog the other day. How many of you remember the crying indian commercial from the 70's? You ever feel like that indian? Do you ever feel ashamed of your countrymen for how they treat the environment? I go walking the dog & am just sickened by the trash & mess. I live in military housing. A concentration of people, we have to work together. & the really messed up part is that this is senior enlisted housing. There is garbage & dog mess everywhere. You don't see this off base. So why can't we clean up after ourselves. Most people say it is the kids who do it. So, ok then, where are the parents to correct them? Argh. Just so frustrated.

I need input, who knows how to cut a mango. I am to the point of giving up. Stupid seed. Also, does anyone have any ideas for April fools foods?

On a good note - 1WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see my honey! Now I just need to figure out 1) what airport he is flying in to, & 2) how do I get there from here.
Also, SPRING is here. Beautiful.

Bentos since last post:

grapes, cheese, individual pineapple upside down cake
ham& zucchini hearts, zucchini stuffed with carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, cauliflower & slices of buttered blueberry bagel

mini muffin top & lemon cookie
tuna wrap with multi colored pepper strips, mozerella balls & red & yellow cherry tomato
plum & grapes, cauliflower & broccoli, cracker mix

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


basement - procrastinate

Here I am once again, putting off what I should be doing. Bad me. I did a lot of work on my laundry room/craft room yesterday & it is looking lovely. But now, I am putting off going back down to the basement, because I know I have to work on the other room down there - ugh. Or I could be sorting my ton o' coupons, or other paper stuff. Blech. I am so not in the mood. At least with the basement I get a warm fuzzy feeling when done, just need some daylight lamps down there or something. Not that it is bright up here, is snowing again & this time is sticking. I wish the weather would make up it's mind. Sigh. Yesterday it snowed & was that weird snow that makes me think of Styrofoam. But the birds are still enjoying their food, so that's good. It did have a bit of sun though - yesterday anyway & it turned to rain later on, but today is lots & lots of snow. Sera is all chilled out on the couch, just reaxed as can be. I guess the greyness makes everyone tired - including puppy dogs. Got a pic of Zach yesterday that highlights how much he either a) needs a haircut or b) a barette. But he's still cute, when we aren't fighting over grades - ugh. He wants to be a scientist - a herpetologist to be exact - yet trying to get him to take school seriously is a battle. He just doesn't want to be bothered with homework & is half impossible getting a real answer from him as to what is due. Well, we'll see. I have grounded him from his computer until he can come up with a plan to improve his grades & has to be signed off by each teacher. See that bit of blue I got to see yesterday, lovely isn't it? I have discovered a new site to play with my photos, maybe can make them a bit more enjoyable for you all.

Tuesday bento:
peaches, cheese & ham, broccoli & cauliflower
potato croquettes & stuffed pasta w/ ham & cheese owls

Wednesday bentos:
broccoli, cauliflower & red & yellow cherry tomatoes
pretzel rounds or sticks, erdnuss crisps, cheese & ham clouds & car/fish/bunny eggs cut in half (I think the car got in a wreck & the fish must have been attacked by a shark)wednesday bentos

Friday, March 20, 2009

Expensive Lesson

Well, I joined this super cool thing called Swap Bot. It is just like it sounds, you sign up for swaps & trade things - crafts, gifts, cards, whatever. I learned an expensive lesson today though. When mailing things internationally, keep it to an envelope. Over twice as much for a box as for an envelope. Next time I know, but was too late for todays deadline to switch.
Here's the stuff I put together for the Easter swap. I decorated the basket, made the bunny & card & fancied up the envelope.

Ok, I am slow, slow, slow. Got side tracked & never finished. I am still dog sitting. Robin has decided that her name isn't Dakota, it is Boskov the dancing bear. Today was thinking day & Chicky-pea had a great time, & I didn't have too shabby a time myself. Got some new recipes to try. Well, I am beat, so will have to say ttfn, but first:

Friday bento:
Kinder snack cut into chicks & bunny
Croquette, meatballs, cheese (not sure exactly what kind)
broccoli, grapes & strawberry, curry ketchup in sauce container, cauliflower

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dog sitting

More like horse or cow sitting. A friend has to go home for a funeral, so she needed a dog sitter. I was very hesitant, but she got someone to take over after the weekend, so agreed. Sera is freaked & not at all happy, but you can't leave someone in a lurch, so.... here she is. Never knew that Newfoundlands slobbered quite so much or tha it would bug me, but is making me quite queasy. At least it is only for the weekend. I just keep wiping off her face, I hope little miss pup can come to turns with our house guest. Just giving her extra lovin.

Thurdays bento:

Leftovers from last night. The last of the cake.
Spanish rice w/ dollop of salsa, cheese quesadilla's, taco meat & refried beans w/ olive & pig cut from quesadilla.
extra salsa, shredded lettuce, baby corn, & tomato quarter.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh, happy day

It was a good day. Laundry is caught up, the boxes are gone (finally) & I got to talk to my honey. Life is good. Which is why I am changing the channel. Watching the news does not conducive to a peaceful frame of mind. I will say though that I am not impressed by the relentless blaming of Bush for all our country's problems & I think it shows poor manners. Oh well, new focus. ttfn.

Wednesday bento
kool-aid in 12 oz klean kanteen, German kids yogurt
crackers, peaches & (as Zach has dubbed it,) hippie space cake
zucchini & carrot slices, roast beef & baby swiss cows, butter kase cat & nic nacs (toasted covered peanut things.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
I was not on the ball today, so didn't get a themed bento made, barely did for dinner. I didn't get around to buying a corned beef brisket in time, so made do. I made boiled cabbage, carrots & potatoes with bacon for seasoning, the broiled thick sliced roast beef & swiss sandwiches. It was delish. I did get the best cupcakes made though. From one of the blogs I read I found a recipe for rainbow cake which I did partially as rainbow & a few green for the holiday.

I am not a big fan of cake for us as it is too much. I like cupcakes. That way easy to freeze. Well, the green ones were cooking while I finished up dyeing the batter, then couldn't find my other cupcake pan, so we have rainbow twinkies. It is awesome, cheerful & even better - diet. At least as diet as cake can get, go check out the recipe & bake yourself up some cheer. Sera was trying to make me feel guilty today, waiting by the door for her walk.
First time she has ever done this, so gladly took her. Such a silly pup. Today was a half & half day for kids getting along. I think Ivy gets super sensitive, but *sigh* I just don't know. After scouts, Ivy played with her friends, & Zach took them all to the park. They got along great, but later, when Zach & Ivy were walking her friend home, the sibs just couldn't get along, & Ivy was being awful. Barely say anything to her & she is whining/yelling/crying at me. Ugh, Just don't know. Oh well, the day ended ok & tomorrow is another day.
Tuesday Bento:
Dragonfruit Capri Sun, raspberry cream yogurt.
carrot sticks, zucchini slices, yellow tomato, muenster cheese, salami
banana bread muffins, bear "chips" (no idea, fried potato things - good,) & strawberries

Monday, March 16, 2009

Moulin Rouge

There may not be a whole lot I want to watch, but AFN has great movies on the AFN Movie channel. If it hadn't been on, probably wouldn't have chosen to watch it, b/c not really one the kids would want. But they are not watching anyway. I had forgotten how much I like this movie. So my recommendations of good movies to watch are... Moulin Rouge!, Across the Universe, & Chicago. All great musicals.
I have found a couple of things that are fun, fun, fun. One: on Flickr there is a group called the Jumping Project. Let me tell you, they sure have it right. You can not be unhappy while jumping ( or at least, it's damn hard.) The 2nd: I learned about swaps a while ago, but the closest I got to doing anything is I found one place dedicated to postcard swapping, that I immediately directed my sister to as she loves postcards. I mean, I knew basically what it was, but didn't realize how big it was on-line. The postcard one is Post Crossing & the one I just joined is Swap-bot, because really. Who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail. The only real challenge will be keeping to schedule, but I can do it.
The other thing about not much tv wise, is revisiting shows we have bought series of or watching ones just purchased. Ivy found our couple of seasons of 3rd Rock From the Sun. I loved that show, but only ever bought 2 seasons. (Now on my list to get the rest.) I never thought about the fact that it is new to her, she never really watched any of it. The only description she could think of when asking about it was, "you know the show that has the guy with the squinchie eyes." She is loving it, & Robin - out of all the kids - seems to like Get Smart the most. He generally is my TV buddie. Likes the stuff I like. Get Smart, Monk, Psych. I got a bit link happy today. Trying to restrain myself.... With watching 3rd Rock again, just watched the episode where Tommy has a crush on his glee club teacher & she is singing Bali Hai (from South Pacific.) It is now stuck in my head. And the worst part is, I don't know the whole song, so just the same bit over & over & over & over, ad infinitum.
Went to the German dollar store the other day & found this adorable rain coat. Isn't she a doll. Had gone out with new friends, Ivy's scout leaders, to pick up some things for craft we were working on here & they showed me where some stores were & had lunch out - with adults, no kids. Ahhhhh. Anyway, I am working with the girls for their jewelry making badge & one part is for a jewelry box, so we went to get supplies. I now know where a German craft store is. Woo hoo. well, I am about rambled out, hope all is well with you all out there in the real world & ttfn.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anything You Can Do

I am not sure what got us started on this tonight, but the kids & I got to singing Anything You Can Do from Annie Get Your Gun. Such a silly song & so fun to sing. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


You know, whatever you do to your parents comes back to you. The thing is, it just makes me see both sides & you all know I am always right. Okay, now let me explain that bit of crypticness. There are things I remember from my childhood that my parents say they don't remember at all, well now I get it from Zach. Ah, but the thing is, his brother & sister are backing me up on my memory. Of course, now Zach is annoyed as hell with me & in a mood & not really talking to me. We have been having some issues the past couple days, & unfortunately ended a very pleasant streak of us really getting along. He swears that he used to take guitar lessons, well. I paid & took him to drum lessons, rented a trombone for him for a year & he took that in school, but that's it. I think I'd remember guitar lessons. Also, says that we locked him out in the snow barefoot when he was little. WHAT! I would love to know where he gets this stuff. Thank GOD that his brother & sister can back me up or his "memory" will end up having social services take them away. I just don't understand why he thinks this all was real. The other problem we have been having, is that we have all been joking around as is our want, & when he laughingly asked me what I thought he'd do if left home alone & I said hmm "burn down the house. join an anarchist group. something along those lines." Now he says I sound serious & he doesn't want me to say that. Good grief, so I said I don't want to hear him joking that way with anyone in the family & they can't with him. If he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to act that way. I am frustrated & hurt & I am sure he is to. I think we all just need a break from each other, or something. Such is a mother's life, you never do anything right. blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, let me move on to something else. We went to Ikea this evening & picked up a tv table for Zach, but first checked out Momax, (a closer store similar to Ikea.) I still prefer Ikea, but there was this nifty chair outside. Drove past it 3 times & never noticed it. Amazing.

Wednesday bento: marshmallow "gummi bear," kumquats, snack mix, salami & cream cheese on wheat roll-ups. hard boiled egg & salt. grapes, bunny marshmallows & slice of star fruit.

Thurday bentos:
(right- sick boy recovery bento) banana, applesauce, milk rice, boiled egg & salt, toast & hot tea. I told him to just eat what seemed right, I think he gave some away.
(left) fried turkey, German butter kase hearts, left over potato cut & mixed with cream cheese, bon bons. Kumquats, grapes, star fruit & minute amount of sugar to offset sourness of the kumquats.

Another haiku for today.

Grey and rainy day.
Sera and I went walking.
became cold and wet.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Do any of you listen to "Stuff You Should Know" from I subscribe to the podcast & adore it. Anyhow, in the newer podcasts, they generally have a bit on listener mail & really seem to enjoy haiku's. Well, it got me thinking today & though I wasn't going to post today, I decided to go ahead & post a Haiku I wrote.

I love my children
They mean ev'ry thing to me
but make me crazy

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm in a fog

I have no idea what my issue is lately, but am just wandering around aimlessly in a fog. I can't seem to focus & I don't know why. I'm hoping I can shake this soon, I hate how I am feeling. I am having trouble focusing & getting anything much accomplished. I think I need a few days of sun, maybe a tan, something. Less than a month til my honey is home :D I can't wait. This will be the best birthday. I did get the "game room" area of the basement all set, all I need now is a transformer as there is no 110 in that room. Got a sickly young man here, hope he is well & doesn't need to miss anymore school. They all have Terra Nova testing this week, & he is already one day behind. He has some kind of stomach bug, has been hanging on for a couple days now. Then, poor kiddo, he took his shower last night & was the one to discover our water heater was not working. Brr. All fixed now, very efficient work order section here. After all these years with the army, I am finally taking the Army Family Team Building classes. May be a lot that I already know, but never to late to learn & I am sure there must be something new to learn. Plus, i will take all the courses & may volunteer with them. We shall see. Yesterday was a great service at church, I really enjoy when Chaplain Williamson preaches, he is very entertaining & really keeps your focus. Well, boring as this has been, just letting y'all know I am alive & well. Tchuss.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Video

I belong to a couple of groups online & get the posts emailed to me. Some days I just scan, while others I really read. This one... I watched the video & I have to say it is absolutely beautiful. Please watch & ponder.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Of All the Things I've Lost, I Miss My Mind the Most

I still can't find where the camera has run off to. I think it might have crawled under something & is hiding. I have been in bum mode this week. Enough so to feel ashamed of myself. I need to get my butt in gear & actually accomplish things. Like organization - which is desperately needed. I was so thrown this morning. The cat was being very attentive & verbose this morning, and actually kissed the dog. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it, but sure enough. Of course, the moment the dog tried to respond she ran, but it is a step in the right direction. This month starts the onslaught of birthdays in my family & I am off to a smashing start by being late. There are odd birthdays through out the yr, but the spring is when the bulk of them lie. I hope all is well & will talk to y'all another time. Cheers.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Really Very Good Weekend

We started this weekend with a bang. The boys went to see Friday the 13th & Ivy & I stayed in, ate ice cream & watched "She's All That." Saturday we cleaned. I hate to clean, but I love a clean house. It makes me happy & I just feel good when the house is clean. Then we went for a walk off base & on the way home, we saw that "Bedtime Stories" was playing for the matinee & decided to go. Boy am I glad we did. Excellent flick. Just loved it. Then we finished off by going through the last box. All the shelves are up, & all boxes have been sorted. There are a few I still need to put away, the storage room is a mess, but overall - except for the organizing - I am done. Well, I am beat & need to locate the camera - downfall of cleaning - so ttfn.