Tuesday, March 17, 2009


First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
I was not on the ball today, so didn't get a themed bento made, barely did for dinner. I didn't get around to buying a corned beef brisket in time, so made do. I made boiled cabbage, carrots & potatoes with bacon for seasoning, the broiled thick sliced roast beef & swiss sandwiches. It was delish. I did get the best cupcakes made though. From one of the blogs I read I found a recipe for rainbow cake which I did partially as rainbow & a few green for the holiday.

I am not a big fan of cake for us as it is too much. I like cupcakes. That way easy to freeze. Well, the green ones were cooking while I finished up dyeing the batter, then couldn't find my other cupcake pan, so we have rainbow twinkies. It is awesome, cheerful & even better - diet. At least as diet as cake can get, go check out the recipe & bake yourself up some cheer. Sera was trying to make me feel guilty today, waiting by the door for her walk.
First time she has ever done this, so gladly took her. Such a silly pup. Today was a half & half day for kids getting along. I think Ivy gets super sensitive, but *sigh* I just don't know. After scouts, Ivy played with her friends, & Zach took them all to the park. They got along great, but later, when Zach & Ivy were walking her friend home, the sibs just couldn't get along, & Ivy was being awful. Barely say anything to her & she is whining/yelling/crying at me. Ugh, Just don't know. Oh well, the day ended ok & tomorrow is another day.
Tuesday Bento:
Dragonfruit Capri Sun, raspberry cream yogurt.
carrot sticks, zucchini slices, yellow tomato, muenster cheese, salami
banana bread muffins, bear "chips" (no idea, fried potato things - good,) & strawberries

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