Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dog sitting

More like horse or cow sitting. A friend has to go home for a funeral, so she needed a dog sitter. I was very hesitant, but she got someone to take over after the weekend, so agreed. Sera is freaked & not at all happy, but you can't leave someone in a lurch, so.... here she is. Never knew that Newfoundlands slobbered quite so much or tha it would bug me, but is making me quite queasy. At least it is only for the weekend. I just keep wiping off her face, I hope little miss pup can come to turns with our house guest. Just giving her extra lovin.

Thurdays bento:

Leftovers from last night. The last of the cake.
Spanish rice w/ dollop of salsa, cheese quesadilla's, taco meat & refried beans w/ olive & pig cut from quesadilla.
extra salsa, shredded lettuce, baby corn, & tomato quarter.

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