Friday, March 20, 2009

Expensive Lesson

Well, I joined this super cool thing called Swap Bot. It is just like it sounds, you sign up for swaps & trade things - crafts, gifts, cards, whatever. I learned an expensive lesson today though. When mailing things internationally, keep it to an envelope. Over twice as much for a box as for an envelope. Next time I know, but was too late for todays deadline to switch.
Here's the stuff I put together for the Easter swap. I decorated the basket, made the bunny & card & fancied up the envelope.

Ok, I am slow, slow, slow. Got side tracked & never finished. I am still dog sitting. Robin has decided that her name isn't Dakota, it is Boskov the dancing bear. Today was thinking day & Chicky-pea had a great time, & I didn't have too shabby a time myself. Got some new recipes to try. Well, I am beat, so will have to say ttfn, but first:

Friday bento:
Kinder snack cut into chicks & bunny
Croquette, meatballs, cheese (not sure exactly what kind)
broccoli, grapes & strawberry, curry ketchup in sauce container, cauliflower

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