Monday, March 30, 2009

I am LOSING my mind!!!

I am in a weird mode lately. Not sure if I am being apathetic or just plain lazy. My get up & go has got up & went. Also, can't keep things straight.
I love Germany, it is so funny. To us Americans, these castles are amazing & awe inspiring. To the people around them though they are every day. Went with a friend last friday to check out a castle for a princess ball for Girl Scouts. we brought our girls & had a grand old time.
Just freaked out & was running around like a chicken w/ it's head caught off. Thought the boys ortho appt was today. I know it is on the first, I have been telling them it is on the first, but - well..... Here's what happened: Took a nap after kids left for school, made work order appt, & took care of some e-mails. Woke up & & saw was almost 10 & thought - OH #@$%! The kids will be late & this orthontist does NOT allow that. What am I gonna do? So I look for the number everywhere, finally find it online, call the school & tell them to send Robin on down to the orthodontist & I'll be there in a few to get Zach.

Grabbed my socks, dumped off coffee cup in the overflowing sink (dishwasher is kaput,) saw coffee pot was still on, adrenaline is pumping at this point & I am a mess. Sat down to put on socks & thought - wait. What is today? Let me look at those appt slips. Huh, says April 1. Today is not the first. CRAP! So had to call the school back to try & catch Robin, but as my phone is a German phone & I don't understand it & can't figure out redial, have to look up the number again. But had put laptop in sleep mode - closed it up to keep kitty off of it - have to re-log on. Got through & JUST caught Robin as he was signing out. So now everyone at the school knows what a ditz I am, but I can breathe. Ahhhhh - they aren't late.
On another note. Was thinking about this to blog the other day. How many of you remember the crying indian commercial from the 70's? You ever feel like that indian? Do you ever feel ashamed of your countrymen for how they treat the environment? I go walking the dog & am just sickened by the trash & mess. I live in military housing. A concentration of people, we have to work together. & the really messed up part is that this is senior enlisted housing. There is garbage & dog mess everywhere. You don't see this off base. So why can't we clean up after ourselves. Most people say it is the kids who do it. So, ok then, where are the parents to correct them? Argh. Just so frustrated.

I need input, who knows how to cut a mango. I am to the point of giving up. Stupid seed. Also, does anyone have any ideas for April fools foods?

On a good note - 1WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see my honey! Now I just need to figure out 1) what airport he is flying in to, & 2) how do I get there from here.
Also, SPRING is here. Beautiful.

Bentos since last post:

grapes, cheese, individual pineapple upside down cake
ham& zucchini hearts, zucchini stuffed with carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, cauliflower & slices of buttered blueberry bagel

mini muffin top & lemon cookie
tuna wrap with multi colored pepper strips, mozerella balls & red & yellow cherry tomato
plum & grapes, cauliflower & broccoli, cracker mix

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Sal said...

those bentos look amazing