Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm in a fog

I have no idea what my issue is lately, but am just wandering around aimlessly in a fog. I can't seem to focus & I don't know why. I'm hoping I can shake this soon, I hate how I am feeling. I am having trouble focusing & getting anything much accomplished. I think I need a few days of sun, maybe a tan, something. Less than a month til my honey is home :D I can't wait. This will be the best birthday. I did get the "game room" area of the basement all set, all I need now is a transformer as there is no 110 in that room. Got a sickly young man here, hope he is well & doesn't need to miss anymore school. They all have Terra Nova testing this week, & he is already one day behind. He has some kind of stomach bug, has been hanging on for a couple days now. Then, poor kiddo, he took his shower last night & was the one to discover our water heater was not working. Brr. All fixed now, very efficient work order section here. After all these years with the army, I am finally taking the Army Family Team Building classes. May be a lot that I already know, but never to late to learn & I am sure there must be something new to learn. Plus, i will take all the courses & may volunteer with them. We shall see. Yesterday was a great service at church, I really enjoy when Chaplain Williamson preaches, he is very entertaining & really keeps your focus. Well, boring as this has been, just letting y'all know I am alive & well. Tchuss.

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