Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh, happy day

It was a good day. Laundry is caught up, the boxes are gone (finally) & I got to talk to my honey. Life is good. Which is why I am changing the channel. Watching the news does not conducive to a peaceful frame of mind. I will say though that I am not impressed by the relentless blaming of Bush for all our country's problems & I think it shows poor manners. Oh well, new focus. ttfn.

Wednesday bento
kool-aid in 12 oz klean kanteen, German kids yogurt
crackers, peaches & (as Zach has dubbed it,) hippie space cake
zucchini & carrot slices, roast beef & baby swiss cows, butter kase cat & nic nacs (toasted covered peanut things.)

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