Thursday, March 12, 2009


You know, whatever you do to your parents comes back to you. The thing is, it just makes me see both sides & you all know I am always right. Okay, now let me explain that bit of crypticness. There are things I remember from my childhood that my parents say they don't remember at all, well now I get it from Zach. Ah, but the thing is, his brother & sister are backing me up on my memory. Of course, now Zach is annoyed as hell with me & in a mood & not really talking to me. We have been having some issues the past couple days, & unfortunately ended a very pleasant streak of us really getting along. He swears that he used to take guitar lessons, well. I paid & took him to drum lessons, rented a trombone for him for a year & he took that in school, but that's it. I think I'd remember guitar lessons. Also, says that we locked him out in the snow barefoot when he was little. WHAT! I would love to know where he gets this stuff. Thank GOD that his brother & sister can back me up or his "memory" will end up having social services take them away. I just don't understand why he thinks this all was real. The other problem we have been having, is that we have all been joking around as is our want, & when he laughingly asked me what I thought he'd do if left home alone & I said hmm "burn down the house. join an anarchist group. something along those lines." Now he says I sound serious & he doesn't want me to say that. Good grief, so I said I don't want to hear him joking that way with anyone in the family & they can't with him. If he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to act that way. I am frustrated & hurt & I am sure he is to. I think we all just need a break from each other, or something. Such is a mother's life, you never do anything right. blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, let me move on to something else. We went to Ikea this evening & picked up a tv table for Zach, but first checked out Momax, (a closer store similar to Ikea.) I still prefer Ikea, but there was this nifty chair outside. Drove past it 3 times & never noticed it. Amazing.

Wednesday bento: marshmallow "gummi bear," kumquats, snack mix, salami & cream cheese on wheat roll-ups. hard boiled egg & salt. grapes, bunny marshmallows & slice of star fruit.

Thurday bentos:
(right- sick boy recovery bento) banana, applesauce, milk rice, boiled egg & salt, toast & hot tea. I told him to just eat what seemed right, I think he gave some away.
(left) fried turkey, German butter kase hearts, left over potato cut & mixed with cream cheese, bon bons. Kumquats, grapes, star fruit & minute amount of sugar to offset sourness of the kumquats.

Another haiku for today.

Grey and rainy day.
Sera and I went walking.
became cold and wet.

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JR and Cathys Creations said...

Mycah and I are in the same boat. Differnt topics but UGH this age for boys sucks..