Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Addendum to previous post

I have been talking so much about Zach's upcoming (now finished) surgery I guess I didn't post what it was for... His teeth are fairly narrow & has large spaces, why he has braces. Well, one gap just wouldn't close & this last time he went to the dentist & they did xrays, found that his body had tried - but not succeeded - to grow another tooth to fill the gap. only got the roots done by the look of what came out. Soooo in order to close the gap, the bone mass - or as I had called it by the look of the xray - tooth nubbin had to be removed. Et voila. the surgery. Hope all is well. ttfn!

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Danielle said...

Eww, poor kid. I had mouth surgery when I was about his age too. Mine was for impacted teeth (my incisors were in the roof of my mouth). So I can kind of sympathize with him. Keeping him in my thoughts for a better recovery than mine (I didn't eat/drink anything for a week, against doctor's orders, and was pretty sick for awhile afterwards).