Monday, April 6, 2009

Zach is A-OK!

The surgery was a lot less intensive than we expected. He is still numb & was so funny while waiting when the Novocaine started going into effect. We got there really early - was thinking the appt was at 0900 & to make sure got there on time had left early, so was there at 0840, turned out his appt wasn't until 0930 & had filled out all necessary paperwork at last appt, so we had almost an hour to kill. So we went walking. Had a real nice time & Germany is awesome.

Our annoying news right now is that there was a sandstorm & Rob has been delayed in getting home until tomorrow morning. Good birthday present though. So due to the Army the desert weather he'll have missed half of the kids Spring Break, but he'll be here, that is what counts.

Z & me downtown


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Danielle said...

Ok, so um, I feel like I missed something. What exactly did he have to have done...and are those teeth? glad to hear he is OK though, from whatever it was he had done... :-)

Sorry to hear about Rob. Stupid sandstorms.