Monday, May 4, 2009


Not sure if that phrase applies to any time, but sure feels like the right description. I am in A MOOD! >:( Grr. Was finally, finally, going to get the DLA filed & get reimbursed for the move. Have everything, but when I went last week to file, found out I didn't have my finance POA (power of attorney,) with me. Had the other 5 POA's, but not the one I needed. Hmph. Ok, made plans to come back today @ 1300. Thought I knew where that stupid piece of paper was, so didn't bother with it this weekend. Looked today. Not where I thought it'd be. Spent the whole morning searching high & low. No where. The damn thing grew legs & ran away. Argh! Crud! Pooey! Grrrrrrrrr! I have looked EVERYWHERE I can think of & have just torn-up my entire first floor. I am frustrated beyond belief. So now, I need to regroup & try & figure out where it could be that I haven't looked. I am going to take a break & watch My Nieghbor Totoro & try to relax. Hopefully I'll have an epiphany & can be ok with going next week to do that paperwork. In the mean time, here is one thing I did accomplish this weekend...

I decorated the top of this cigar box using paper maosaics. Now I have a set place to keep my ATC's (Artist Trading Cards,) in progress. The finished & ones I recieve right now are out where I can see them, even though will eventually have too many to keep all out.

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