Friday, May 15, 2009

I know, I know

Ok, I am officially a bad, bad, bad girl. I have no excuse either. Just moods & not feeling like writing. Bad. I have been having fun crafting & whatnot though. I love Swap-bot. I found it through one of the blogs I follow. I love that there is this whole community out there that is artsy & crafty & likes to share. It inspires me & having guidelines & deadlines keeps my butt from procrastinating. You pick what swaps you want to join, so you don't even have to be arty or anything, there are store bought swaps to. I love seeing what others pick. I also have a TON of picks I have to up load to Flickr. I promise (pinky swear!) it will be done this weekend.
Ivy just left for her big Girl Scout trip. One of her leaders came by to pick her up. I have made good friends with both of her GS leaders & HATE that they are both leaving this summer. The absolutely worst part of Army life is losing your friends, makes for a lot of pen pals & long distance friendships. Granted, sometimes, you end up near each other again, but not often.
One of the things I love about living here is the awesome music I find from listening to the German radio. Stuff that, maybe, is on the indie stations (such as 103.1 out of LA - listen live on-line), but not necessarily. Also, one of the blogs I follow - Meet me at Mike's (an Australian based blog) - introduces me to some cool music too. Was thinking of adding some music videos, but would be too much, hard to pick & have gone link happy today anyway. So, some new faves...

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