Sunday, June 7, 2009

Should you have a funeral for a camera?

My camera has finally had it. I am so sad. It has been having issues & I have been complaining, but honestly was not ready to replace. I love my little camera. So now I have to go buy a new one. It's funny, just a year & a half ago I hardly ever took pics. I could go weeks without touching my camera. Now one day seems like torture. Ugh. Hopefully they'll have something good at the PX. Just waiting for them to open. Would look on the economy, but then that opens a whole new set of issues that just are not worth it to mess with (language, voltage, does it sync w/ American stuff? I just don't know.) It is not actually completely gone yet though, just can't change ANYTHING. not the flash, picture type, any of that. Stuck on auto & flash is weird & yellow. I also have bees. I need to find some bee killer stuff. Went to grill last night & all these bees started flying around when we took off the cover. turns out they built a nest. 1 hour til the stores open & hopefully can take care of both these issues.

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