Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Bees

We have been some busy peeps , but are just about wound down. It has been an exciting couple of weeks & we have had fun. We all got involved with the latest play here at the Stable Theater on post. It is Coyote Tales by Linda Daugherty. This has been so fun. Robin is El Sol - he does the part well, just need to learn to be less stiff, but even his math teacher from last year is amazed at how vocal he CAN be. Said he has heard Robin talk more in this play than all of last semester. Peanut is an adorable chicken. She squawks so funny & great at attitudes, the hard thing for her has been to forget that Robin is her brother & to act scared - not proud - when he is yelling at coyote. Zach did awesome helping with the set & helping Robin & Ivy rehearse at home. I think everyone is planning on rehearsing for the fall one act plays, I know we are all planning on auditioning for the King & I, which will be the winter play.

Thursday was my class to teach with AFTB (Army Family Team Building) level 1 - I taught Military Acronyms & Terms. It went well & was fun. My only problem was I went waaayyyyy to fast & THANK GOD for Jeopardy. someone had created a power point presentation/game of Jeopardy for acronyms, terms & military time & it saved my butt on the time. It was supposed to be a 40 min class - I was done with my part at 20. So we played the game for the rest of the time. I have some things to add to the next class so thatnext time I can stretch it out a bit. The upcoming level 2 is actually the one I missed last time, so will be a student again :)

Last but not least... Locks of Love
When Rob deployed this last time, Ivy & I decided we wouldn't cut our hair until he was home with us, safe & sound, again. Then we would cut it off & donate that hair to Locks of Love. Last week, Ivy had it. Her hair was too thick & way too hot to stand it any longer & she begged me to cut it. As she had enough to donate, said ok. So last wednesday, after rehearsal & playing, she took a shower & I whacked off her hair. It looks very cute & she is happy & proud of being able to help a child in need.
That is all for today - God bless you all & hope you are having a GREAT summer.

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