Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heather's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day(s)

I am angry, annoyed, bike-less, cheated, disappointed, disillusioned, frustrated, fat, grrrrrrr..., hot, headachey, indignant, lonely, loser, mean, mad, melancholy, needful, nasty, out of order, pining, pouting, rueful, sad, stolen (from), ......unconnected, violated, ....
was shooting for the whole alphabet there, but - whatever. Yesterday, ended up with a migraine. Felt sick, couldn't stand light, head killing me... So was not up to going to the store. The boys were going to ride up to shoppette to get some hotdog buns for dinner for me. Robin comes back in & says dad's bike is missing. It had been chained (locked) to the bike rack at the end of our sidewalk. It was gone. They even took the damn lock. People suck. Rob was thinking same thing I was - isn't this senior enlisted housing? It's not like we are a bunch of young kids here. The ppl here have responsiblity, some maturity (I would hope,) life experience. And for pete's sake - it's a damn military post. I can't even get my mail without a military ID card (they won't take your drivers license if for some reason your ID is at home.) Add to that a sucky internet connection for Rob... He has to pay about $100 a month for a connection & the damn thing doesn't work most of the time. He took evening shifts so that we could talk in the AM, when there is not as much internet traffic, so that we could have a better connection. For the last few weeks, even though we talk every weekday, I think we may have been able to talk for 1 hr (60 minutes in 15 days.) I am so SICK of this. these long deployments are just hell. Top all this off with the house being a wreck & filthy. I think I am going to go hide in my closet now & cry.


Danielle said...

Poor Heather. Wish I could walk over and hand you a giant chocolate ease "some" of the pain of what's going on. :-( So sorry to hear about all the bad things happening. The migraine thing sucks big time...hope things are looking up again for you.

Marissa got Ivy's box. She already ate half the Hello Kitty candy...the "wafer" things are a bit different, can't say we've had those before. Marissa loves the little "matchboxes" Ivy sends, she has them displayed on top of her computer.

Marissa has been working on a box for Ivy since we received the first one...this family is sadly at the bottom of the creativity scale and Marissa doesn't want to send something "plain" so she's been working for a painfuly long time on putting something together for Ivy.

Smile and know you have tons of people thinking of you and a super good day will show up without you knowing it. :-)

Sal said...

Aw. Sorry to hear that. I hope tomorrow is better. Love you!