Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have the bestest friends!

You know, you readers are all so awesome. Thank you for the well wishes & good vibes sent my way. I love you all. Gotta send special thanks to Danielle, Shalimar & Sal :)
I have been fighting the headachey-ness all week. Luckily only one day was unbearable migraine. The rest has been garden variety. I am not sure what the issue is, but may have to break down & go to Dr - Ugh. I feel down right shameful being such a punk about going, since I don't have to pay. And am very thankful for that military benefit. But I am not much for going unless serious or time for check-up. I blame mama ;) This is what happens when you are raised by someone in the medical profession, unless you have fever over 102, are bleeding or losing some kind of bodily fluid in copious amounts, you are fine. haha. Any way, have been taking Goody powders. Blech, but they work.
Rob's internet is poopy again. grr. I can't wait til he is with me once again. Some days I just can not wait to retire, no matter what the civillian world is like. Other days, common sense says - Hey good job, security & benefits, quitcher bitchin. I just miss my honey. ohhhhh, can't dwell, gonna make myself sad again.
I have discovered a new (for me) designer I just adore - just ordered the most awesome bento boxes for the kids for new school year. Shinzi Katoh - go check it out! This, as I think most of you know, is our 3rd tour in Germany. Now, didn't have kids the first time, but last time - no excuse. The Germans have this awesome tradition, the Schultuete, that I have always admired & thought I would do, but school starts & have never been prepared. They give their kids these cones filled with presents/school supplies to start first grade. Now, I figure better late than never & why do 1st graders get all the fun. So darn it, I am planning to do this this year. When you have a second, go read the wikipedia article I have linked to the word. It really is pretty cool.
I meant to post this yesterday, but got distracted & it has been sitting open ever since. So once again - thank you all & I hope everyone is having a super-d-dooper day :)

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