Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

The closer it gets to Rob coming home, the more I get loopy. Can't seem to settle to anything. Can't concentrate or finish things well. Ugh. But - Great news! School started today.
Okay, to start - funny thing I didn't even realize. First day of school, my friend takes pics of her kids - I take pic of their lunch. What a mom I am. But - their lunch, (boys only as Ivy had 1/2 day):
3 Onigiri - 1 ea w/ honey turkey, smoked turkey & roast beef. shaped egg slices, grapes, cream cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes, gouda & some other kind of cheese heart, p.b. sandwich cookies.
Sent those boys off with a good start to the year. Ivy is thrilled with her new teacher - half a day & she loves her. Whew. Zach has no complaints & Robin has a couple of issues, but will talk to the counselor tomorrow & if needs me, I'll be there in two shakes of a lambs tail. He got a couple of classes didn't request, only one he REALLY has a problem with. I said no big - we'll get it fixed. But surprisingly, he decided to stick w/ other mistake & stay in Chorus. I was floored, never would have guessed. They had to audition today & teacher said he had a good voice. Two bits of praise from a stranger & he is sold. (I also think the fact that the class is primarily female helped his decision a bit.) Also, I FINALLY added the Tropical Islands pics to flickr, but you have to be either a friend or family as contact to view since not just us.. They were just slapped up there, so not even labeled - just numbers.
Well, short as this is, I need to get some sleep as it is a school night (YEA!) & have lunches to prep in AM. Tchuss! :)

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