Monday, September 28, 2009


Ever feel like all your nerve endings are buzzing? Had a bad thing this AM - lady at swap-bot rated me bad & called me a liar. I am so grrrrrr & :( A swap I sent got lost in the mail - I said I'd resend it on monday, but haven't got a chance, so sent another message saying would re-make & re-send when have the chance. So she rated me as a 1 and called me a liar. Ugh. Fell slapped. But on the other end of the spectrum. Honey buney should be home this weekend!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I have our room all pretty & house looks pretty good. Still have some fine tuning, but otherwise ok. The boys & I are in the one act plays - Starts Thursday. Wish we could video tape it but - c'est la vie. Hope all is well in your worlds. Tschuss!

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