Thursday, November 12, 2009

girl's day out

What a great day. Rob went back (that was NOT the great part,) to work & the kids were out of school, so... Lisa & I took our girls out shopping with us. I love wandering around the fussganger (pedestrian) zone. Even on grey days it is beautiful. Of course feels really late really early as it is DARK by 5. Wasn't even 4 & was twilight. But got some Christmas shopping done, found some new (to us) shops, & got some ideas. I can not wait til the Christmas markets are open. & it's cold, getting some gluhwien to warm up.
*Sigh. Heaven. *
I know Robin is excited to buy his own. He is so tickled he is drinking age here - not that he has much more than an occasional beer at home, but he loves the idea of it. I got me some good kids. The girls were in girl heaven getting to pet the pony today, not sure what the purpose of the pony is down town, but there were a couple & you give the guy some change & get to pet the pony. Happy 10 yr old girls. Tommorrow - just the mamas are going out, after today, we need a break. To quote Rube on Dead Like Me - "I love you Peanut, but you're wearing me out." Really hit me, that line, b/c I call Ivy Peanut & that is how I feel around her fairly often. I wish I had half her energy.
Some time soon, I will be posting a tutorial on these adorable mice my mama taught me how to make when I was a young'un.
Last 2 things:
1 - I posted some new photos on flickr
2 - Check out Robin's new blog - I am proud of my boy.

...Now if I can just get Zach to share... Ivy shares plenty ;) (Love ya Peanut.)

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