Monday, November 9, 2009

need to make a decision?

For all you people who don't watch the Big Bang Theory - Check out this site. Sam Kass invented a great variation to RoShamBo (more commonly known as Rock Paper Scissors,) that ads Lizard & Spock.
From Wikipedia:
One popular balanced five-weapon expansion, invented by Sam Kass, adds "Spock" and "lizard" to the standard three. "Spock" is signified with the Star Trek Vulcan salute, while "lizard" is shown by forming the hand into a sock-puppet-like mouth. Spock smashes scissors and vaporizes rock; he is poisoned by lizard and disproved by paper. Lizard poisons Spock and eats paper; it is crushed by rock and decapitated by scissors. This variant was covered in a 2005 article of The Times, and appeared in an episode of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory "The Lizard-Spock Expansion" episode in 2008.

enjoy :)

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