Monday, November 16, 2009

self grounded :(

I have grounded myself from crafting til I get the living room straightened up. (i.e. sort through the ton o' stuff in my shelves.) I keep forgetting what all I have & have a lot of junk that is just taking up room to where I can't think straight. I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff always figure I can upcycle or use it later. But there is a point where you have to say "enough!" So until I have my storage/wall unit type thingy all straightened up to where I can find stuff I can't craft - the goal is by the end of the week, b/c darn it - I need to get artsy. AND it is time to be making Christmas presents & decorations. At least today no cooking, have a bunch of stuff in the fridge that needs to be eaten - so it is a fend for your self night (AKA - clean out mama's fridge.) Once the fridge is at a workable stage have to actually clean that too. It's icky. But usually too packed. I know compared to the majority of the refrigerators here in Germany it is a decent size, but to me it is unbearably small. Esp since I have all these big boys to feed as well as the usual extras on the weekends. (You all know I love you though.) Rob is finally back to work & back to life as usual. Today is the first day in over a month I am alone. It is strange. But time to get back to work. Cleaning & general home keeping. My Peanut should be walking in any minute now, so will be time for home work & the triple questioning of What's for dinner - b/c no one hears me when the others ask. I must stop my procrastinating & get back to work, I hope you are all having a lovely day out there where ever you are.

In re. to today's pics. Top is Peanut. What a girl. Throat hurts so is drinking hot water while doing homework & lower pic is proof that sometimes they all 3 can be friends. Great kids.

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