Saturday, December 12, 2009

new pets & pants

Rob is such a sweet hubby. He knows how much I miss having rodent type pets - today he got us 2 gerbils. They are just soooooooo cute! We named them Vixen & Dixie. Vixen is the black one. Aren't they adorable? Sera is going absolutely bonkers. Wants to eat them. Hopefully she can mellow out. Vixen bit me, but Dixie seems a bit more comfortable w/ being held.
Ivy has been down to 2 pairs of pants for some time now, & they have been fitting like high-waters. Well, there was a pair in the mending that were 1 - too short & 2 - had a pretty big hole. So I cut above the hole & added ruffled bells to the bottom. They are too cute. I also hemmed a few that I had picked up at the thrift store, so she now has plenty of pants & a skirt for school. woo hoo. No more fuss in the AM over needing clothes. It is frustrating at times the uniform for school, but it is more flexible than some I guess. Just Ivy is at a hard to fit stage. Good thing I can sew (some.)
I have been working on my ton & a half of stuff to do. Trying to organize & clean. Yet still working on Christmas stuff & now have a bunch of presents to finish, get boxes ready to mail out, finish holiday letter & send out Christmas cards, bake & wrap. whew. At least I am done shopping. Well, it is Ivy's friend Aji's last weekend & the girls are kicking me out of the living room, so good night to one & all.

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