Friday, December 31, 2010

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Morning

After a bad night, I awoke on the couch to a better morning. Anger had fled, in it's place were insecurity & sadness, but that is getting fought as well. I imagine a small me in boxing attire inside my self sparring the negative things in my head. (I do have a vivid imagination & if only I could express my vision I think I could actually make money off my art - hah.) So today I am posting on the good for 2 reasons. Because I need to share the good as well as the bad - actually more so & I need to remind myself.
After many years fighting the idea of therapy, I have now become a major advocate of it. I do know there are factors with it as well. First off, you need a therapist you can click with. Sometimes people rub you the wrong way & it's no ones fault, just a personality clash. In order for therapy to be beneficial you should be able to look forward to your sessions as a respite & a good thing. It is lovely to have someone you can talk to that you can say anything. You don't have to worry you are going to hurt someones feelings or make them mad or what you said would come back & bite you in the ass. You can just get it all off your chest & then they can help you look for ways to have a healthy attitude, & behavior. The therapist gives you tools to help yourself. Granted most of the time it seems very silly, but you know what? It works, & that is what counts. Marriage counseling on the other hand is helpful in it's way as it gives you a person to talk to, & kind of through, to express yourself with a buffer to help keep from saying things the wrong way or going off on a tangent. They are there as a mediator & somewhat as an interpreter. One thing I have learned is that much of the time, though Rob & I both speak english, we really don't understand each other. But the key to a healthy & happy relationship is communication, so we have to learn each others language. And NOT rely on the other person reading your mind, no matter how long you have been together. One last bit, & I know it should be first, is God & my walk with him. I have to be self-centered in my walk. What I mean is that I need to not worry about the others in the family. I need to go to church, pray & read biblical centered things in order to be happy & not worry about making anyone else do anything. That doesn't stop me from being concerned but it does help me to be with God & in the moment rather than having half my mind wandering to where I don't get anything from anything & just end up stressed. One of the hardest things I am working on is living in the moment & stop constant obsessing over both past & future, though the ADD meds do help with that. I hope this has been a much more upbeat talk today & I hope you are all blessed & happy today.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poo biscuits

I am pitiful. I am still up, still down. The boys keep moving around - bathroom/whatever. But every time I hear a door open my heart jumps. I stupidly for a second think/wish it is Rob. I have these hopeful thoughts wishing for him to come downstairs & say "sorry babe, for getting pissed about something so stupid, please come to bed, I can't sleep without you." Oh well, just putting my wish out to the universe, maybe God will grant it. Of course, maybe pigs might fly out of my but too.
1 am & all is not well...

This past year...

this post is me venting, don't read if you don't want to deal w/ my melodrama. Except for maybe Rob as it is also about him.

Ok, I am going to try this again. I can't promise anything as I just feel like crap when I slack off. This last year has been rough. But is ending much better. (Though at the time of this writing I am frustrated/irritated as hell.) I've had issues for about as long as I can remember with depression, though if I had to pick a beginning I'd say it was puberty.) I had fought it in my own way, (not well mind you,) 'til about 6 or so years ago when I finally talked to my doctor & was prescribed anti-depressants. & they do help, but it has been getting to where they weren't cutting it. Esp, this last year since Rob came back. He had been unhappy with.. me.. I guess is what it boils down to, & our marriage for a while. Starting around when I went back to work full time. He didn't like having to do the things I always took care of, & I was stressing at work & basically being bitchy. But nothing was ever said & I was to wrapped up in my own issues & oblivious. Then he deployed & we were separated for 15 months. Still nothing about his issues, but I got very lonely. I always miss him & have always felt like he was my best friend & just missed him. I don't make a lot of close friends b/c, for me, friendship is a lot of work. I have high expectations for myself as a friend & for others as my friend. That is why most of my friends are family. Have to love them - ha. Anyhow, when he came back he was distant, but I couldn't put my finger on it. when I would try to talk he'd say there was nothing wrong & I was imagining it. So I got more & more depressed, but was still functioning 'til my friend PCS'd back to the states & it was just me & him. Him & I? whatever the correct grammar is... I got to where I was non-functional (let's just leave it at that.) I finally went back to the doctor & was referred to the behavioral health clinic on post for therapy. But before my first session things between Rob & I hit the wall & he stated he didn't want to be married to me. (Now he has since explained that didn't mean he wanted a divorce,just that he was extremely unhappy with our marriage.) Finally got him to agree to marriage counseling. it does help, but sometimes I wish I could schedule the sessions for when I need them, though as far as scheduling them I don't know when I'll need them. Oh well. Just have to concentrate on the good. But anyway, I also got an appt. with the psychiatrist & have been diagnosed ADD & OCD on top of my depression & with a dose of anxiety disorder in there, though it falls under one of the others. So I see my psychologist for talk therapy & the psychiatrist for diagnoses & meds & the marriage counselor for the 2 of us. And it is all helping, but what brought on my post tonight was a need to talk/vent/something as my lovely husband went to bed rather than talk out our argument & he is sleeping while I am stewing. I wish I could bury the crap & let it not bother me. I asked (rather bitchily I am sure) him to talk it out, but he has work tomorrow & went to bed. Ivy went to a friends tonight, so I said want to watch football or one of your war movies? He said he had never watched all of the Deer Hunter, soooo... I said lets watch that. Now there are times I enjoy some war movies, but this one didn't keep my attention. Was not my thing, but I just putzed around on the computer & let the movie play. But then I notice that Rob is hardly watching, paying most attention to his computer himself. I started watching him & realized he was barely paying attention. Now before I started watching him I did ask a couple times if he was watching as he didn't seem to react to any points in the movie, he said he was watching. Was getting irritated. Told him to at least go on facebook & wish his mom a happy birthday, so was nagging about that as well. So yeah I was annoying him. I would like to say I am sorry for that, but Honestly I am not, & that is an issue I have to address, but for Pete's sake, If you are going to be glued to the f-ing computer at least tell YOUR mom happy birthday without me saying something 5 times. I hate that I am so annoyed & on the verge of crying. Crying all the time sucks major ass. Finally after watching him I did argue that, No he wasn't watching. So he wrote on facebook goodnight all I am watching a great movie (38 minutes from the end.) I read that when the movie ended & was tempted to write something about ha- NOW you're going to watch for the end of it. But I didn't. But I did say it to him. Well he got real pissed. Argued a bit, but mostly just got annoyed & I said I'd sleep on the couch, he said no he would. He is in bed & I am annoyed. I wonder why God made us to be partners but made us so different (men & women) so it is so blamed hard to communicate. I really wish when I tell him flat out I need to talk he would take me seriously. I get so obsessive over the bad shit, it just goes around & around & around my head & makes sleep impossible. I am going to go & have a pity party now. I hope you all can sleep soundly where ever you are.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long time No see

Hi. I know you were wondering what happened. Well, nothing, I just suck. I hope you all are doing well. I was concerned - thought I might be diabetic. Many issues. Turns out that other than being fat & crazy, I am healthy as a horse. Depression is their main concern so I have now gone from just taking my Prozac, to needing to go see Mental Health. I am fat enough to bother my asthma & carpal tunnel, but not enough for them to do anything to help me lose weight. Also, Germany is playing hell with my skin - in addition to making my Psoriasis worse it is also the cause of my slow healing. Ugh. It all just sucks & feeds my da-t-da... depression. Fricking vicious cycle. On a different note ...
Forrey Gnome Home

1.) I finished my Gnome Home (inspired by Wee Folk Art {I love them}) Now I get to play & change it with the seasons.

2.) Robin finally signed up for college classes. (he's annoyed that it took most of his money.)

3.) Not exactly news, but just want to share, America's Test Kitchen ROCKS! Do you watch the show? check for local listings. Really is the best food... recipes, techniques, tools.... (one of my happy places.)

same day pic.
4.) Ivy has quit scouts, but LOVES the JFK (teen/youth center for 6-12th graders) & disappears there til 7 pm just about every day they are open.

5.) Robin got a tattoo.

til next time (should be sooner rather than later.) Love & peace...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

family camping trip (or the mis-adventures of 4efamily camping)

Have I told y'all why I have such a bad view of camping? IT ALWAYS RAINS ON ME!!!!!!!! Always. Never fails. Check the weather daily for 2 weeks & it is supposed to be hot & sunny. Absolutely beautiful. Decide to wait on swimming til the AM, set up camp. Start thinking about dinner & here comes the rain. and thunder. and lightning. Temp goes from 90 to 70's in a matter of an hour. Make it through the night. Wake up to gorgeous skies & birds singing. Make breakfast & sit at the camp finishing coffee while the kids play cards & "what was that?" A drop, then another, big black clouds rolling in & the temp is in 60's. Call Lisa & ask her to check the weather for me. High of 69 & thunder showers followed the next day by clouds & still cool. So our camping trip lasted all of over night. & cost fricking 40 euro since we take up 2 tents.The way south was ine til we got to Baden-Baden. The town & the GPS conspired to keep us from finding the information center. Many towns here take you to a certain point & then you have to hunt for the information center. after a few hours driving it was not a good thing. ended up with much frustration & me losing my mind & turning into a witch. So rather than continuing along the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse (Black forest high road) we just took a more direct route to the camp site in Titisee (pronounce tee-tee-say.) It was quite the party atmosphere there as it was the world cup & the Germans were (& did) stomping the Argentinians. We did stop in Triberg on the way home & check out the famous waterfall. So overall it was nice other than the rain & being cut short. I still think we need a camper so we aren't stuck in the little tents apart from each other in inclement weather. To make the short trip up to the peanut, we set up the tent in the backyard for Ivy & used the charcoal so Ivy & Hannah can camp & make s'mores. I have 1 week left til Lisa & family leave :( b ut as they are staying with us rather than a stinky ol hotel at least we get some time together. Hope all is well & will post more pics to flickr soon.

P.S.- the gnome is Sven Olaf Gunterson, he plans on hanging w/ us this summer.

Friday, July 2, 2010

4efamily Summer 2010

As promised, here is my next post.Saw these GREAT posts all over on summer lists & thought, "Hey, I can actually accomplish something this summer instead of feeling like we totally wasted the summer." So Thanks to the amazing originals:
meg duerksen
simply modern mom
wonderwoman creations
and last but not least, this wonderful one that I can't find or remember where I found it in the first place.
We have also made it to the pool a couple times, but I haven't checked it off at all. We are leaving in the AM for our camping trip in the Black Forrest. I will blog again next week. Have a GREAT weekend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ok, I am TOTALLY digging Bloggers new set-up. Expect to see changes in the look as it has mucho choices & I plan on playing. As you all know me, you know I have the attention span of a gnat (oooohhh look at the shiny thing...)so you know I'll get bored & eventually settle on something, but in the mean time...
BTW, sorry I suck lately at posting. Really slacked after my honey came home last fall. I will try to post weekly. That is my goal. We're off to attempt family camping Saturday, sans camper :( not enough moola. When school starts back I gotta go back to work. No more alone time for Rob & I at lunch. 

New pics are up on flickr, go check them out. Too much is happening lately, my boy graduated from high school, got his German drivers license. Both boys got their braces off & got jobs. Robin at Military Clothing Sales & Zach at the Commissary (as soon as his paperwork is right, having some issues with getting the right papers.) My buddy is moving soon, but we have a cpl  weeks together. Having them bunk down here rather than a stinky old motel. I will follow w/ another post (that is a total rip off of other ppls genius that I intend to credit) super soon. I hope you all are doing really great & having a wonderful summer. 
This is for my Peanut.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh My.

I have never had a cold hit this hard & this fast. This past Mon. I didn't sleep well at all, woke up exhausted & reportedly was giving an award winning performance with my snoring. Enough so that my throat was sore through till Wednesday. Then Wed. night I started coughing, like crazy. It came out of no where. After another rough night I wake up with one of the worst colds I can remember. headaches, check. body aches, check. coughing, sneezing, congestion, check, check, & check. Any cold symptoms you can think of & I had/have 'em. I slept for most of the past 24 hrs, w/ periods of wakefulness to eat, potty & tell the family that though I am dying (seriously, how I felt) I love them. I do feel MUCH better today though & at 0440 this morning I was convinced I was better & that it had left as quick as it hit. The cold then said mwa-ha-ha & hit me in the back of the head, knocking me out for a cpl more hours. Now I can confidently say that yeah, I am not well, but I am well on the way. I am hopeful by tonight I have this kicked. Cross your fingers & toes & I will talk again soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

lengthening pants

Peanut has grown like a weed sin the last 17months. Her school has a "uniform" that is more like a strict dress code. But it still makes it to where she has specific school clothes. Hardest are pants. The PX does carry uniform clothes (Dickies) but they are only in childrens sizes. I KNOW I am not the only person who has a hard time finding stuff to fit my girl. See, there is no uniform for middle or high school. So the sizes stop at childrens. My 10 yr old is 5 foot tall & not shaped right for the clothes they carry, so I have to be creative. They can wear khaki, navy or black slacks to school. Her pants that I hemmed to fit her right before we moved here January of last year now measure 4.5 inches too short. That is a lot to add to pants. But they fit great otherwise, soooo here's what I did:

Disclaimer - I have never written a sewing or crochet tutorial in my life & have no real idea of what I am doing, but wanted to share & maybe can help someone else get extra life out of a growing child's clothing.

Pants #1
I decided to crochet a large bell type ruffle. I used a cotton/acrylic blend yarn & a #5 hook. I started by making a blanket stitch completely around the hem of both legs. Used embroidery floss & the stitches are roughly 1/4 inch apart. then I used a single crochet for the first round. for the rest of the legs I did half double crochet. row 2 - 5 straight stitch of one in each stitch. rows 6 - 10 are increased in 2, 1, 1 (repeat to end.) I think they came out adorable & will be easy to add on more when needed.

Pants #2
I decided to add a patchwork-ish panel at the bottom & then got to playing with it & thought it'd be cute to have it sandwiched between the pants & the hem. Let me tell you, this had me in a tizzy. I am an AMATEUR seamstress. & for the most part just muscle my way through stuff without knowing what the heck I am doing. But I'll give it a try. So first bit of advice is to measure a few times & with an actual tape measure (not a wooden ruler.) ( I am giving directions the way it should have been done without all the rip-outs & re-dos.) First cut off the bottom of each leg right above them hem & then use a seam ripper to take out the top stitch all the way around on both. I used a bunch of panels of cotton fabric in the same color scheme (if you can call black & white a color scheme,) all the same height. then sewed them together & pressed the seams flat. I then ironed on interfacing & sewed the whole deal into a tube. I then made another tube the same size in a lining fabric. Then I sewed them together, wrong sides together & finished the edges with a zigzag stitch. Then pin the tube to the pants leg right (outer) sides together & sew with a straight stitch followed by a zigzag to lock the edges. straighten & sew along the edge to flatten down the inside. Do the same for the cuff.
I know this is all pretty much gibberish, but if anyone out there can make this make sense, just give me a holler & go for it. Happy crafting.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Rain, rain go away.... I know you are necessary, but you make me so blue. I want to cry & don't know why & it is all due to the rain. thbbbbbtttttttt......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Apparently I have allergies. Which seem to enjoy playing with my asthma which I forget I have usually. I can't seem to get enough oxegen & feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. I mean, what the hell. I didn't have these issues when I smoked. Not that I knew of anyway. Now though - yeesh. Also for some reason lately I feel positively 2 dimensional. Am so low I think I can become one with the couch. Ohm... Yeah, too bad it isn't meditative. So wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts. Maybe I should talk to the Doc about upping my meds. I hope all is well with all of you out in cyberspace. I do love you all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Ok, I am restarting. I started writing a post a couple days ago, but was PMSing & whiny, so I deleted it. I am going crazy. I have like NO patience. I want my camper & I want it now!!! (My poor family, I am annoying myself.) I mean look at this thing. Isn't it the cutest? The problem is that the ones I can afford right now don't have registrations & need inspections. I am not sure about what is needed to make sure a camper is road worthy. I want this adorable Qek junior. And then can get an "awning" to go with it for the kids. (Is an attached tent.) If needed we can all cram in, but would rather have some room. I am getting in vacation mood. I wanna travel & we have plans for spring break, but I don't want to waste money on a hotel that could go to camper to be used for next few years. Maybe we can find some used camper dealerships. I miss US internet listings, phone books. It is much harder to find stuff here. At least for someone who speaks only rudimentary German. But, I have Rob asking around & I keep checking &, so cross your fingers for me & I hope we soon find the perfect camper or us. Hope you all had a super-d-duper Easter.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wet noodle whipping time

Ok. I know. I know. I am a horrid blogger. I let y'all down repeatedly. Disappear for weeks on end. But that is me. Just whip me with a wet noodle & I'll try to do better. We've had some busy days in there & lots of pouting (missed Rob horribly for the month he was in Hohenfels.) But he is back & I am much happier. Last Saturday was Girl Scout Thinking Day. (which is where each troop learns about another country then on thinking day they share with the other troops what they learned.) It's fun & educational. & since I had the Fleming family on post already we followed it up with our March Theme night. This month was "The Birds." I stuck bird silhouettes all over the walls & we ate chicken. Hey, we got a giggle out of it & was easy peasy. The girls weren't too keen on it & the peanut gallery (including me,) were being snarky & making fun of the characters. I mean really - you're going to escape in a soft top convertible when those birds can break though windows and doors - sheesh. Next time I am thinking we're going to introduce the kids to Abbot & Costello.
This up coming Saturday Lisa & I are having our joint birthday party. Mine is April 7th & hers is the 6th. So as the next weekend starts spring break & they are flying off to London & we are starting our road trips - we figured the week before is good. We are going to take 2 days in Berlin. 1 to see the sights (that are on our list as it is too huge to see everything - & 1 for the zoo/aquarium.) We also have planned a driving tour through the black forest & not sure what else. Before that on the 8th both families are going on an underground tour of Bamberg. There are miles of tunnels beneath the city.
While at Thinking day the males of both the Forrey & Fleming family got bored & found the way to hell. One of the countries that one of the other troops covered was Turkey. It was very cool because for 1 we are planning to go around August & for 2 there was wonderful Baklava. They gave me the site for the recipe.
I have been drawing a tiny bit, but need to draw more. It is so beautiful today, I need to go ride my bike. Hard to believe, but they are calling for snow on Wednesday. Ugh, ok. I am officially sick of winter.
Well, I think I have rambled on enough for today. I hope you are all doing fantabulous & will do my darndest to write again soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Not Dopey, but pretty Sleepy. Mostly Grumpy. Not sure why. Yesterday I got my hair done & it is Gorgeous. & today was ok. But now I am feeling Crabby, crabby, crabby. People & things keep sitting on/ touching me & I am about to lose my mind. Normally I am all about the cuddle but sometimes... Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhh... Give me 2 fricking inches to myself. PLEASE! Then I hurt feelings & it makes me feel even more grumpy. Grr. Sorry. Just needed to vent for a second to someone. anyone.

Did you have Green eggs & Ham today?
how about some fish, I say.
Red or blue or even white.
as long as it was cooked just right.
Did you pet a dog? big or small?
or just that cat whose hat is tall?

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Guten Morgen!

Good morning my Dudes & Dudettes! My oh my I feel so much better. Mother Nature finally kicked in & my hormones are balancing back out. The weather is still grey & Rob is still gone (which sucks a**,) but the relief my body is feeling from the balance has made me downright chipper. I am achey & tired, but happy. Next week we should be getting our tax return & will be gone again with in a week, but we'll be a couple of debts lighter. I decided while Rob was gone that in order to kick start my weight loss I would stick to mainly vegetarian meals. So Far So Good. Well just wanted to say all is wunderbar. Hope your day is swell too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pity Party

I love snow, watching those great big white flakes falling, but if it isn't going to stick & build to prettiness it needs to stop. I need some sunshine. I love Germany & for the most part can be fine with the many grey days, but I am so blue lately. Been blue anyway, then things start building. Zach had/has some grade issues & his speech teacher (of all ppl) made it worse at home with some ill placed e-mails to me. I hate fighting with him. He gets mad & punishes with me by not talking & with holding affection. I know this is typical teenage stuff & God knows I yell at him. But as he is usually so sweet it hurts. Esp when I am sad & need all the hugs I can get. Robin finally has friends he is hanging out with - & I am so glad, he is too much of a loner & I like that he has ppl to hang out with, - but I miss him. Of course, don't see much of him when he is home anyway as he stays in his room for the most part. Rob left for a training exercise for a month. It is completely lame, he is only one from his unit there & he is there to sign for & inspect vehicles. Sooooo not his job. Stupid. I miss him. When he gets back he's going to see if there is anyway to transfer to the Provost Marshall's office. Cross your fingers there is a position available. But doesn't save us from being apart now. He left on friday & Ivy abandoned me. Can usually count on her to snuggle with me when I am sad, but she went out. Darn kid is growing up too fast. She went to a dance & then spent the night at her friends house. Came home a couple times yesterday to ask if she could 1 - go to the movies & 2 spend the night again followed by 3 - getting her stuff. here it is noo o Sunday & still no Ivy. At least Zach is hanging with me, even if he is irritated with me again. He was very sweet friday & saturday though. Well, I am done whining for me. Thanks for listening. Next time I promise will be a cheerful post.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Theme Night

Did I tell you I have reinstituted theme night this year? I have had theme night off & on over the years, but then I get tired & feel unappreciated & it fades off. Well, I have started up again & this time have drug the Flemings along for the ride. (It is easier w/ two mama's planning this [& some daddy help]) The only thing the kids have to do is show up, stick around & participate. Tonight was the 2nd so far this year. (It's a monthly thing.) January we had a mini luau & watched Blue Hawaii. The girls made paper leis & we had pulled pork (closest thing to pig & sounded & was yummy,)virgin pina coladas & fresh pineapple. also draped much of the living room with sarongs. Theme night always is around a movie, but dag gum it, these kids have to hang out with us. Tonight though - ahhhhh. We had an extra family with us as Lisa has friends down from Denmark visiting. We had a Pink Panther Night. we all had mustaches (& have some great pics I will be getting from Lisa,) I drew them all with a dark Eyeliner. We did have a couple of younguns put up a fuss, but convinced them to let me draw a mustache on their fingers to hold up to lip. haha. We had french onion soup, au gratin potatoes with a penny hidden (who ever got the penny won the prize - a magnifying glass,) & a french chicken dish Lisa found which was yummy. Also we had a pink wine that they had at the shoppette, tasted like a wine cooler, but was bubbly & pretty & pink. Also to finish off the night, we had sno balls for desert. Originally I was going to make crepes, but that ended up seeming way too intensive. It was a good night & I love getting the kids to hang out with us. The older they get the harder it is. I will post more mustache pics once I get them. Have a great week!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bestest Friend & Poor Robot

I have been guilty of coveting after Lisa's Purse ever since she bought it. Serious Purse lust & envy. She said it was a bit small for her & while in Ramstein she found a new one. My lovely bestest buddy GAVE me her awesome purse as a very early birthday present. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a giving friend. I love you Lisa :) (Isn't it Gorgeous!) And it has GREAT handles & purty silk lining w/ awesome pockets. I love it! I am so happy. But it comes followed by a bit of sadness. My poor little robot lost an arm. Rob got me this great little guy for Christmas & he is just the coolest clock. I keep him clipped on my purses since Christmas day. That way I always have the time. Isn't he cute. But darn it all his arm broke off. Poor baby. Oh well, what do you think? Adds Character? I hope you all are having a great weekend, I'll get some pics of the wonderful snow to post tomorrow (at least on flickr.) Cheers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Girl Day (wordy post though)

Oooo I AM proud of me today. Well, to start, This past weekend I got my new 2010 planner made & this time put check boxes for things I need to do daily & today I actually did all 4. It may not seem like much, but it is hard to to get motivated some (many) times. My 4 things to do daily are:
  1. Clean Something
  2. Craft Something
  3. Exercise Something
  4. Be Thankful for Something
I've kept it vague b/c I get bored/scattered/side tracked & really WANT to do these things daily. I figure if I don't get my body exercised at least I can do my mind. & as far as thankfulness, when I get down it is good to remind myself of what I have to be thankful for. Not only is this in my planner to remind me, but I am writing down what I am doing. So a nice little record. Well today I went to the gym with Lisa & we road the bikes (liked) made the rounds on the nautilus equipment (did not like) & finished off with the treadmills (liked.) Then we went to get lunch & pretty much canceled our good work, but was yummy & split a veggie philly & order of fries at Charley's then dumped off my small fortune of mail at the post office where they told me I have to alter my return address for OpSec reasons *rolls eyes* & that yoyo in an envelope have to have a customs form - yeesh. After a few more errands it was home again, home again jiggity jig & time to get cleaned & vacuum. Which is a never ending daily thing, but darn it, I did the whole first floor & it counts as cleaning something. Next I made a point to find my blessing for today (there are many,) today though I made a point to thank God for such a great family (& that my handsome eldest boy has his eye on a nice young lady.) These younguns might drive me crazy, but they are really good kids. & kooky like their parents. I could go on on that subject for quite sometime, but would seem braggy & boring. Lastly, I have been looking at excercising my artistic side more to improve. I need to draw daily, but where as when I was my boys ages that was all I wanted in life was to be an artist, over the years it got lost & it takes quite a bit to get back. I am much more comfortable now with general crafting. Periodically I'll make someone something & they say - You could sell that, but that is when it loses something for me. Arts & crafts are a labor of love (or at the least like.) I need to be invested on some emotional level or it is no fun. Anyhow, been looking at crafting 365 on flickr for sometime & have finally joined up. so have been crafting for 3 days.

So there you have it, I have been a good girl today & I feel GOOD. I hope you all are feeling at least half as good as me. Hugs :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy FRIDAY!!!

I can eat again!!!!! Not much, which is a good thing. A week of being on a severely restricted diet has shrank my tummy so that small amounts are filling. Now I just need to start exercising again & stick with it this time.
It is a wonderful day. I woke up, felt good, got to spend some time w/ my hubby, went out & about w/ my Lisa & picked up my new specs. I have been without my glasses since this past fall. The price on post was so terrible I was just offended by it. Couldn't stand the thought of getting new ones & wanted an exam first. My prism actually went down some though which is awesome. My new glasses are A-dorable & while we were downtown there was this great street performer playing the accordion - WONDERFULLY!! We putzed around downtown, then we went to the craft store in Hallstadt. Tonight was nummy home made mac-n-cheese, turkey & green beans with a cpl of Star Wars movies. It has been a GREAT day. And this is a long weekend, so I am going to rope the family into helping me get the house in shape & then family game night - YEA!!! Now if only I can keep the boys out of their rooms & away from all things electronic without them being crabby monsters, (at least Ivy likes spending time w/ us.) I hope you all have as great a day as me :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my week so far

My determination to lose weight comes not a moment too soon. Combination of being over-weight & stress has given me horrendous heartburn/acid-reflux. It has been getting worse over time, but had been going away & manageable, until 3 days ago. All I could feel was constant burning. Tried tums - nothing, put myself on the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, apple sauce, & toast) a bit modified though. Mostly just mild food & have apple juice rather than apple sauce. Still not up to eating much, but feel massively better. I have never felt such burning & my throat is burnt, but getting better every day.
My second thing to share today comes courtesy of another blog I follow - Meet Me at Mike's. I love this mission - just another way to perform RAK (random acts of kindness.) I hope you all enjoy your week & be happy :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for 2010

As many of you know I love Swap-bot. My first swap out for the New Year is the New Year, New Me swap. One part of the swap is to write out up to 3 personal goals for the year as well as 3 new swaps to try. SO to keep it first and foremost for me - as I am VERY determined to fulfill these goals. So here they are...

  1. Lose 20 lbs/2 dress sizes by next Christmas
  2. As a family, explore at least 6 non-local cities.
  3. Convert ALL photos to digital & clear out boxes/create photo books.
It's kind of hard to think of new swaps to try as I am all over the board in swaps I already participate in, so that will be a bit of thinking. As for my goals, they are very near & dear & do-able so wish me luck. Love you all!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

King of the Road

While reading a blogging buddy's latest post, got me thinking of old music, which led me to thinking of old cartoons & got me to wondering where-oh-where do they go. Who else remembers the cartoon short of Mickey & Goofy & Donald in a run-a-way trailer to the tune of "King of the Road" I can't find a clip of that anywhere. Of course makes me think of all the great old Disney shorts they show at Disney World while waiting to see Mickey. I want all those oldies on a DVD. Enjoy the video & I hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Howdy 2010!

Happy 2010!!!
All right, a bit behind. But we should all know by now that I am S-L-O-W... & sporadic. But it doesn't mean I don't care. For Christmas Rob & I ordered each other the SAME SHIRT. except mine is a ladies fit. LOL. If you don't happen to watch The Big Bang Theory, the thing on our shirt is the pictorialversion of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock. A much better version of RoShamBo, as I went over in a previous post :)
I have been thoroughly enjoying the winter break with the family. But all good things must end & it is back to the old routine tomorrow. I did some crafting yesterday & finished a couple of plushies I have had cut & in a baggy waiting patiently to be sewn. They came out Sooooooo cute. Ms. Ivagene actually did the sewing around the edges on the cookie. Getting pretty darn good.

Yesterday the family pulled together & we cleaned the house & put away the Christmas decor. So today, had to go to the store & played some with our new games from Christmas. Need to do many more family game days. It was great fun & I love that for most of the day we could all get along. We got a WII for Christmas & today we played the Beatles Rock Band & Mario Kart, but as of yet we haven't created our Wii Mii's. Then before dinner we broke out Lego Creationary - Oh Wow! Had us laughing, very fun. It still doesn't look like it is easily available in the US, but when the time comes - it's fun. (In the mean time, if you are dying for it, give me a holler.)

Lastly, It has been snowing all day & is BE-A-UTIFUL!!! The birdies are eating like it will disappear over night & are a joy to watch. I hope you all are Happy & Healthy. TTFN!