Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bestest Friend & Poor Robot

I have been guilty of coveting after Lisa's Purse ever since she bought it. Serious Purse lust & envy. She said it was a bit small for her & while in Ramstein she found a new one. My lovely bestest buddy GAVE me her awesome purse as a very early birthday present. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a giving friend. I love you Lisa :) (Isn't it Gorgeous!) And it has GREAT handles & purty silk lining w/ awesome pockets. I love it! I am so happy. But it comes followed by a bit of sadness. My poor little robot lost an arm. Rob got me this great little guy for Christmas & he is just the coolest clock. I keep him clipped on my purses since Christmas day. That way I always have the time. Isn't he cute. But darn it all his arm broke off. Poor baby. Oh well, what do you think? Adds Character? I hope you all are having a great weekend, I'll get some pics of the wonderful snow to post tomorrow (at least on flickr.) Cheers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Girl Day (wordy post though)

Oooo I AM proud of me today. Well, to start, This past weekend I got my new 2010 planner made & this time put check boxes for things I need to do daily & today I actually did all 4. It may not seem like much, but it is hard to to get motivated some (many) times. My 4 things to do daily are:
  1. Clean Something
  2. Craft Something
  3. Exercise Something
  4. Be Thankful for Something
I've kept it vague b/c I get bored/scattered/side tracked & really WANT to do these things daily. I figure if I don't get my body exercised at least I can do my mind. & as far as thankfulness, when I get down it is good to remind myself of what I have to be thankful for. Not only is this in my planner to remind me, but I am writing down what I am doing. So a nice little record. Well today I went to the gym with Lisa & we road the bikes (liked) made the rounds on the nautilus equipment (did not like) & finished off with the treadmills (liked.) Then we went to get lunch & pretty much canceled our good work, but was yummy & split a veggie philly & order of fries at Charley's then dumped off my small fortune of mail at the post office where they told me I have to alter my return address for OpSec reasons *rolls eyes* & that yoyo in an envelope have to have a customs form - yeesh. After a few more errands it was home again, home again jiggity jig & time to get cleaned & vacuum. Which is a never ending daily thing, but darn it, I did the whole first floor & it counts as cleaning something. Next I made a point to find my blessing for today (there are many,) today though I made a point to thank God for such a great family (& that my handsome eldest boy has his eye on a nice young lady.) These younguns might drive me crazy, but they are really good kids. & kooky like their parents. I could go on on that subject for quite sometime, but would seem braggy & boring. Lastly, I have been looking at excercising my artistic side more to improve. I need to draw daily, but where as when I was my boys ages that was all I wanted in life was to be an artist, over the years it got lost & it takes quite a bit to get back. I am much more comfortable now with general crafting. Periodically I'll make someone something & they say - You could sell that, but that is when it loses something for me. Arts & crafts are a labor of love (or at the least like.) I need to be invested on some emotional level or it is no fun. Anyhow, been looking at crafting 365 on flickr for sometime & have finally joined up. so have been crafting for 3 days.

So there you have it, I have been a good girl today & I feel GOOD. I hope you all are feeling at least half as good as me. Hugs :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy FRIDAY!!!

I can eat again!!!!! Not much, which is a good thing. A week of being on a severely restricted diet has shrank my tummy so that small amounts are filling. Now I just need to start exercising again & stick with it this time.
It is a wonderful day. I woke up, felt good, got to spend some time w/ my hubby, went out & about w/ my Lisa & picked up my new specs. I have been without my glasses since this past fall. The price on post was so terrible I was just offended by it. Couldn't stand the thought of getting new ones & wanted an exam first. My prism actually went down some though which is awesome. My new glasses are A-dorable & while we were downtown there was this great street performer playing the accordion - WONDERFULLY!! We putzed around downtown, then we went to the craft store in Hallstadt. Tonight was nummy home made mac-n-cheese, turkey & green beans with a cpl of Star Wars movies. It has been a GREAT day. And this is a long weekend, so I am going to rope the family into helping me get the house in shape & then family game night - YEA!!! Now if only I can keep the boys out of their rooms & away from all things electronic without them being crabby monsters, (at least Ivy likes spending time w/ us.) I hope you all have as great a day as me :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my week so far

My determination to lose weight comes not a moment too soon. Combination of being over-weight & stress has given me horrendous heartburn/acid-reflux. It has been getting worse over time, but had been going away & manageable, until 3 days ago. All I could feel was constant burning. Tried tums - nothing, put myself on the B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, apple sauce, & toast) a bit modified though. Mostly just mild food & have apple juice rather than apple sauce. Still not up to eating much, but feel massively better. I have never felt such burning & my throat is burnt, but getting better every day.
My second thing to share today comes courtesy of another blog I follow - Meet Me at Mike's. I love this mission - just another way to perform RAK (random acts of kindness.) I hope you all enjoy your week & be happy :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for 2010

As many of you know I love Swap-bot. My first swap out for the New Year is the New Year, New Me swap. One part of the swap is to write out up to 3 personal goals for the year as well as 3 new swaps to try. SO to keep it first and foremost for me - as I am VERY determined to fulfill these goals. So here they are...

  1. Lose 20 lbs/2 dress sizes by next Christmas
  2. As a family, explore at least 6 non-local cities.
  3. Convert ALL photos to digital & clear out boxes/create photo books.
It's kind of hard to think of new swaps to try as I am all over the board in swaps I already participate in, so that will be a bit of thinking. As for my goals, they are very near & dear & do-able so wish me luck. Love you all!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

King of the Road

While reading a blogging buddy's latest post, got me thinking of old music, which led me to thinking of old cartoons & got me to wondering where-oh-where do they go. Who else remembers the cartoon short of Mickey & Goofy & Donald in a run-a-way trailer to the tune of "King of the Road" I can't find a clip of that anywhere. Of course makes me think of all the great old Disney shorts they show at Disney World while waiting to see Mickey. I want all those oldies on a DVD. Enjoy the video & I hope you all have a GREAT weekend.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Howdy 2010!

Happy 2010!!!
All right, a bit behind. But we should all know by now that I am S-L-O-W... & sporadic. But it doesn't mean I don't care. For Christmas Rob & I ordered each other the SAME SHIRT. except mine is a ladies fit. LOL. If you don't happen to watch The Big Bang Theory, the thing on our shirt is the pictorialversion of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock. A much better version of RoShamBo, as I went over in a previous post :)
I have been thoroughly enjoying the winter break with the family. But all good things must end & it is back to the old routine tomorrow. I did some crafting yesterday & finished a couple of plushies I have had cut & in a baggy waiting patiently to be sewn. They came out Sooooooo cute. Ms. Ivagene actually did the sewing around the edges on the cookie. Getting pretty darn good.

Yesterday the family pulled together & we cleaned the house & put away the Christmas decor. So today, had to go to the store & played some with our new games from Christmas. Need to do many more family game days. It was great fun & I love that for most of the day we could all get along. We got a WII for Christmas & today we played the Beatles Rock Band & Mario Kart, but as of yet we haven't created our Wii Mii's. Then before dinner we broke out Lego Creationary - Oh Wow! Had us laughing, very fun. It still doesn't look like it is easily available in the US, but when the time comes - it's fun. (In the mean time, if you are dying for it, give me a holler.)

Lastly, It has been snowing all day & is BE-A-UTIFUL!!! The birdies are eating like it will disappear over night & are a joy to watch. I hope you all are Happy & Healthy. TTFN!