Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy FRIDAY!!!

I can eat again!!!!! Not much, which is a good thing. A week of being on a severely restricted diet has shrank my tummy so that small amounts are filling. Now I just need to start exercising again & stick with it this time.
It is a wonderful day. I woke up, felt good, got to spend some time w/ my hubby, went out & about w/ my Lisa & picked up my new specs. I have been without my glasses since this past fall. The price on post was so terrible I was just offended by it. Couldn't stand the thought of getting new ones & wanted an exam first. My prism actually went down some though which is awesome. My new glasses are A-dorable & while we were downtown there was this great street performer playing the accordion - WONDERFULLY!! We putzed around downtown, then we went to the craft store in Hallstadt. Tonight was nummy home made mac-n-cheese, turkey & green beans with a cpl of Star Wars movies. It has been a GREAT day. And this is a long weekend, so I am going to rope the family into helping me get the house in shape & then family game night - YEA!!! Now if only I can keep the boys out of their rooms & away from all things electronic without them being crabby monsters, (at least Ivy likes spending time w/ us.) I hope you all have as great a day as me :)

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