Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pity Party

I love snow, watching those great big white flakes falling, but if it isn't going to stick & build to prettiness it needs to stop. I need some sunshine. I love Germany & for the most part can be fine with the many grey days, but I am so blue lately. Been blue anyway, then things start building. Zach had/has some grade issues & his speech teacher (of all ppl) made it worse at home with some ill placed e-mails to me. I hate fighting with him. He gets mad & punishes with me by not talking & with holding affection. I know this is typical teenage stuff & God knows I yell at him. But as he is usually so sweet it hurts. Esp when I am sad & need all the hugs I can get. Robin finally has friends he is hanging out with - & I am so glad, he is too much of a loner & I like that he has ppl to hang out with, - but I miss him. Of course, don't see much of him when he is home anyway as he stays in his room for the most part. Rob left for a training exercise for a month. It is completely lame, he is only one from his unit there & he is there to sign for & inspect vehicles. Sooooo not his job. Stupid. I miss him. When he gets back he's going to see if there is anyway to transfer to the Provost Marshall's office. Cross your fingers there is a position available. But doesn't save us from being apart now. He left on friday & Ivy abandoned me. Can usually count on her to snuggle with me when I am sad, but she went out. Darn kid is growing up too fast. She went to a dance & then spent the night at her friends house. Came home a couple times yesterday to ask if she could 1 - go to the movies & 2 spend the night again followed by 3 - getting her stuff. here it is noo o Sunday & still no Ivy. At least Zach is hanging with me, even if he is irritated with me again. He was very sweet friday & saturday though. Well, I am done whining for me. Thanks for listening. Next time I promise will be a cheerful post.

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