Sunday, February 14, 2010

Theme Night

Did I tell you I have reinstituted theme night this year? I have had theme night off & on over the years, but then I get tired & feel unappreciated & it fades off. Well, I have started up again & this time have drug the Flemings along for the ride. (It is easier w/ two mama's planning this [& some daddy help]) The only thing the kids have to do is show up, stick around & participate. Tonight was the 2nd so far this year. (It's a monthly thing.) January we had a mini luau & watched Blue Hawaii. The girls made paper leis & we had pulled pork (closest thing to pig & sounded & was yummy,)virgin pina coladas & fresh pineapple. also draped much of the living room with sarongs. Theme night always is around a movie, but dag gum it, these kids have to hang out with us. Tonight though - ahhhhh. We had an extra family with us as Lisa has friends down from Denmark visiting. We had a Pink Panther Night. we all had mustaches (& have some great pics I will be getting from Lisa,) I drew them all with a dark Eyeliner. We did have a couple of younguns put up a fuss, but convinced them to let me draw a mustache on their fingers to hold up to lip. haha. We had french onion soup, au gratin potatoes with a penny hidden (who ever got the penny won the prize - a magnifying glass,) & a french chicken dish Lisa found which was yummy. Also we had a pink wine that they had at the shoppette, tasted like a wine cooler, but was bubbly & pretty & pink. Also to finish off the night, we had sno balls for desert. Originally I was going to make crepes, but that ended up seeming way too intensive. It was a good night & I love getting the kids to hang out with us. The older they get the harder it is. I will post more mustache pics once I get them. Have a great week!

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