Sunday, May 23, 2010

lengthening pants

Peanut has grown like a weed sin the last 17months. Her school has a "uniform" that is more like a strict dress code. But it still makes it to where she has specific school clothes. Hardest are pants. The PX does carry uniform clothes (Dickies) but they are only in childrens sizes. I KNOW I am not the only person who has a hard time finding stuff to fit my girl. See, there is no uniform for middle or high school. So the sizes stop at childrens. My 10 yr old is 5 foot tall & not shaped right for the clothes they carry, so I have to be creative. They can wear khaki, navy or black slacks to school. Her pants that I hemmed to fit her right before we moved here January of last year now measure 4.5 inches too short. That is a lot to add to pants. But they fit great otherwise, soooo here's what I did:

Disclaimer - I have never written a sewing or crochet tutorial in my life & have no real idea of what I am doing, but wanted to share & maybe can help someone else get extra life out of a growing child's clothing.

Pants #1
I decided to crochet a large bell type ruffle. I used a cotton/acrylic blend yarn & a #5 hook. I started by making a blanket stitch completely around the hem of both legs. Used embroidery floss & the stitches are roughly 1/4 inch apart. then I used a single crochet for the first round. for the rest of the legs I did half double crochet. row 2 - 5 straight stitch of one in each stitch. rows 6 - 10 are increased in 2, 1, 1 (repeat to end.) I think they came out adorable & will be easy to add on more when needed.

Pants #2
I decided to add a patchwork-ish panel at the bottom & then got to playing with it & thought it'd be cute to have it sandwiched between the pants & the hem. Let me tell you, this had me in a tizzy. I am an AMATEUR seamstress. & for the most part just muscle my way through stuff without knowing what the heck I am doing. But I'll give it a try. So first bit of advice is to measure a few times & with an actual tape measure (not a wooden ruler.) ( I am giving directions the way it should have been done without all the rip-outs & re-dos.) First cut off the bottom of each leg right above them hem & then use a seam ripper to take out the top stitch all the way around on both. I used a bunch of panels of cotton fabric in the same color scheme (if you can call black & white a color scheme,) all the same height. then sewed them together & pressed the seams flat. I then ironed on interfacing & sewed the whole deal into a tube. I then made another tube the same size in a lining fabric. Then I sewed them together, wrong sides together & finished the edges with a zigzag stitch. Then pin the tube to the pants leg right (outer) sides together & sew with a straight stitch followed by a zigzag to lock the edges. straighten & sew along the edge to flatten down the inside. Do the same for the cuff.
I know this is all pretty much gibberish, but if anyone out there can make this make sense, just give me a holler & go for it. Happy crafting.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Rain, rain go away.... I know you are necessary, but you make me so blue. I want to cry & don't know why & it is all due to the rain. thbbbbbtttttttt......