Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh My.

I have never had a cold hit this hard & this fast. This past Mon. I didn't sleep well at all, woke up exhausted & reportedly was giving an award winning performance with my snoring. Enough so that my throat was sore through till Wednesday. Then Wed. night I started coughing, like crazy. It came out of no where. After another rough night I wake up with one of the worst colds I can remember. headaches, check. body aches, check. coughing, sneezing, congestion, check, check, & check. Any cold symptoms you can think of & I had/have 'em. I slept for most of the past 24 hrs, w/ periods of wakefulness to eat, potty & tell the family that though I am dying (seriously, how I felt) I love them. I do feel MUCH better today though & at 0440 this morning I was convinced I was better & that it had left as quick as it hit. The cold then said mwa-ha-ha & hit me in the back of the head, knocking me out for a cpl more hours. Now I can confidently say that yeah, I am not well, but I am well on the way. I am hopeful by tonight I have this kicked. Cross your fingers & toes & I will talk again soon.