Tuesday, July 6, 2010

family camping trip (or the mis-adventures of 4efamily camping)

Have I told y'all why I have such a bad view of camping? IT ALWAYS RAINS ON ME!!!!!!!! Always. Never fails. Check the weather daily for 2 weeks & it is supposed to be hot & sunny. Absolutely beautiful. Decide to wait on swimming til the AM, set up camp. Start thinking about dinner & here comes the rain. and thunder. and lightning. Temp goes from 90 to 70's in a matter of an hour. Make it through the night. Wake up to gorgeous skies & birds singing. Make breakfast & sit at the camp finishing coffee while the kids play cards & "what was that?" A drop, then another, big black clouds rolling in & the temp is in 60's. Call Lisa & ask her to check the weather for me. High of 69 & thunder showers followed the next day by clouds & still cool. So our camping trip lasted all of over night. & cost fricking 40 euro since we take up 2 tents.The way south was ine til we got to Baden-Baden. The town & the GPS conspired to keep us from finding the information center. Many towns here take you to a certain point & then you have to hunt for the information center. after a few hours driving it was not a good thing. ended up with much frustration & me losing my mind & turning into a witch. So rather than continuing along the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse (Black forest high road) we just took a more direct route to the camp site in Titisee (pronounce tee-tee-say.) It was quite the party atmosphere there as it was the world cup & the Germans were (& did) stomping the Argentinians. We did stop in Triberg on the way home & check out the famous waterfall. So overall it was nice other than the rain & being cut short. I still think we need a camper so we aren't stuck in the little tents apart from each other in inclement weather. To make the short trip up to the peanut, we set up the tent in the backyard for Ivy & used the charcoal so Ivy & Hannah can camp & make s'mores. I have 1 week left til Lisa & family leave :( b ut as they are staying with us rather than a stinky ol hotel at least we get some time together. Hope all is well & will post more pics to flickr soon.

P.S.- the gnome is Sven Olaf Gunterson, he plans on hanging w/ us this summer.

Friday, July 2, 2010

4efamily Summer 2010

As promised, here is my next post.Saw these GREAT posts all over on summer lists & thought, "Hey, I can actually accomplish something this summer instead of feeling like we totally wasted the summer." So Thanks to the amazing originals:
meg duerksen
simply modern mom
wonderwoman creations
and last but not least, this wonderful one that I can't find or remember where I found it in the first place.
We have also made it to the pool a couple times, but I haven't checked it off at all. We are leaving in the AM for our camping trip in the Black Forrest. I will blog again next week. Have a GREAT weekend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ok, I am TOTALLY digging Bloggers new set-up. Expect to see changes in the look as it has mucho choices & I plan on playing. As you all know me, you know I have the attention span of a gnat (oooohhh look at the shiny thing...)so you know I'll get bored & eventually settle on something, but in the mean time...
BTW, sorry I suck lately at posting. Really slacked after my honey came home last fall. I will try to post weekly. That is my goal. We're off to attempt family camping Saturday, sans camper :( not enough moola. When school starts back I gotta go back to work. No more alone time for Rob & I at lunch. 

New pics are up on flickr, go check them out. Too much is happening lately, my boy graduated from high school, got his German drivers license. Both boys got their braces off & got jobs. Robin at Military Clothing Sales & Zach at the Commissary (as soon as his paperwork is right, having some issues with getting the right papers.) My buddy is moving soon, but we have a cpl  weeks together. Having them bunk down here rather than a stinky old motel. I will follow w/ another post (that is a total rip off of other ppls genius that I intend to credit) super soon. I hope you all are doing really great & having a wonderful summer. 
This is for my Peanut.....