Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long time No see

Hi. I know you were wondering what happened. Well, nothing, I just suck. I hope you all are doing well. I was concerned - thought I might be diabetic. Many issues. Turns out that other than being fat & crazy, I am healthy as a horse. Depression is their main concern so I have now gone from just taking my Prozac, to needing to go see Mental Health. I am fat enough to bother my asthma & carpal tunnel, but not enough for them to do anything to help me lose weight. Also, Germany is playing hell with my skin - in addition to making my Psoriasis worse it is also the cause of my slow healing. Ugh. It all just sucks & feeds my da-t-da... depression. Fricking vicious cycle. On a different note ...
Forrey Gnome Home

1.) I finished my Gnome Home (inspired by Wee Folk Art {I love them}) Now I get to play & change it with the seasons.

2.) Robin finally signed up for college classes. (he's annoyed that it took most of his money.)

3.) Not exactly news, but just want to share, America's Test Kitchen ROCKS! Do you watch the show? check for local listings. Really is the best food... recipes, techniques, tools.... (one of my happy places.)

same day pic.
4.) Ivy has quit scouts, but LOVES the JFK (teen/youth center for 6-12th graders) & disappears there til 7 pm just about every day they are open.

5.) Robin got a tattoo.

til next time (should be sooner rather than later.) Love & peace...