Thursday, January 20, 2011


color to be added later
Ok, I have a couple of blog posts I am working on, but they are taking me way too long. Blech. So I just wanted to give a Howdy to my lovely friends & family that actually read my drivel. HA! Anyhow. I am working on drawing/painting more & part of it is I get very descriptive images when I think/speak/listen/etc. And  I am trying to find ways to help my peeps understand me. (Lifetime job there.) This is how I function vs. how I want to be (which is how my hubby is.) Of course, Rob says I have gotten better. He said in the past would have to have the curvy path going through the straight path as well as back & many more zig-zags. So. Hey, improvement. Start with the morning, stretch get going & try & accomplish all I have set out for the day. Ha! 
GREAT Devotional, please read or Listen: Free Radicals
Good example: went & jumped in the shower, took the dog for her walk, Rob came home for lunch  & I have NO idea what I was saying/going to write. 
Me & Little Bit
I was pondering the other day, when did bad become good? When did we/society decide that using opposites (slang) is a good way to express how great we think something is. Bad or wicked for example. And does this help promote evil in the world by desensitizing us to the thought of bad. Just a thought to chew on. Please let me know what you think. Today I realize God is really trying to get it though my thick head - be humble. I have been too proud all my life, which seems so incongruous with the fact that I also have thought badly of myself. But being prideful does not equal being self-confident or anything like that. So now that I have rambled on, please go back to your regular programing. Love you all!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Friday!

I have the sweetest hubby. Yes we have had our issues. & like most people, when I am upset I don't want to think about my role in the wrongdoing. But I have to say, God sure did me a favor when he brought that man-o-mine into my life. And surprisingly enough, (to me anyway,) he feels the same way.
Last night my darling brought be roses & the sweetest card. For no reason. Just because. How awesome is that. And now we have a 4 day weekend together. (Ok, the kids have 3 days. But that's even better as it gives Rob & I time together.) So today we have plans. Racquetball, store browsing, bird feeding & none-ya ;)
So I need to finish my morning routines, including getting the dog walked, so we can have our time. I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1 Peter 3

God has been talking to me lately. This past week I lost count of the times I was pointed to, heard, drawn to 1 Peter, specifically Chapter 3. Well, I am NOT going to ignore that. Let me share w/ you what is talking to me (from reading the Message bible.)
1 Peter 3:8
Be agreeable, be sympathetic, be loving, be compassionate, be humble.
1 Peter 3:4
Be gentle & gracious.
1 Peter 3:1-4
Let me be an example to show my husband the wonder of walking with God. Don't push him, but draw him to a closer walk.

Not that I have been great. I am a sinner. I am working to improve myself. To find peace & happiness. I am getting there slowly but surely & I am sure will slip up, but will do my best to fight the evil & chase peace (1 Peter 3:11.)
I have been trying to think about my gifts. What I am good at. One that comes to me is being a caring/loving person. Taking care of others & trying to bless them.
It is hard to get to where you can focus on the good about yourself when you have spent most of your life hating who you are. I have been thinking  - how insulting is that. I am amazed at Gods' capability to forgive us. For the amount of love. I am humbled & have begged forgiveness (& know I have been forgiven) for forgetting/ignoring/not believing how wonderful I am because I am a child of God. I am so thankful to be drawn back to church & to have joined PWOC. I will continue to work on me & get to be a better person all the time. I finally got to a place in my life where I can look for help & not think it's stupid or corny or fake. It amazes me that the older I get the more I realize how much of a child I have been all my life. Maybe I'll be a grown up when I turn 40?
More good reading recently: oldie but goodie..... "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray. Really has made me reevaluate how Rob & I have been communicating (or more precisely NOT communicating.) Now I am trying to get the rest of the family to read it as I think it would help them all understand each other.
There was something else, a deep thought. A question I was pondering today while walking in the rain with the dog & now I have no clue. I am sure it will come to me tonight while trying to sleep, so for now I will just say adieu.

PS - we got a new kitty, her name is Little Bit

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Who out there realized that today was 1/1/11? Nifty, isn't it? Have you made any resolutions? I debated, as most of the time, most people fail to keep their resolutions & I am no exception. But, I decided to still do it & made up my mind to set a reasonable goal & really do it. So my goal this year, my resolution, is to get healthier in my mind & body. I think I am making good steps towards my mind, but my body will be a challenge. I do know I need to sit down and make a more specific goal so that I can see when I have met my goals. (I am trying to be positive.) My plan of attack for getting healthier in my mind is:

  1. Keep going to my therapist(s)
  2. Go to church regularly
  3. Find ways to conquer obsessing over everything
  4. Read self-help books/articles
  5. Practice positivity

For my body, that is harder & I am loathe to say much as I am afraid I'll fail & then beat myself up about it, but I can confidently say:

  1. Exercise at least 2x's a week (not counting daily walks w/ dog)
  2. Lay off so much desserts/sweets
  3. Cut back on caffeine

So, I think those are pretty reasonable goals. I would love to hear yours.

PS - I also joined the 21 Day Organizing Challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons, wanna join?
pps - I also am going to try & draw, paint or craft/be creative in some way daily (or at least every other day.)