Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Ok, I have a couple of blog posts I am working on, but they are taking me way too long. Blech. So I just wanted to give a Howdy to my lovely friends & family that actually read my drivel. HA! Anyhow. I am working on drawing/painting more & part of it is I get very descriptive images when I think/speak/listen/etc. And  I am trying to find ways to help my peeps understand me. (Lifetime job there.) This is how I function vs. how I want to be (which is how my hubby is.) Of course, Rob says I have gotten better. He said in the past would have to have the curvy path going through the straight path as well as back & many more zig-zags. So. Hey, improvement. Start with the morning, stretch get going & try & accomplish all I have set out for the day. Ha! 
GREAT Devotional, please read or Listen: Free Radicals
Good example: went & jumped in the shower, took the dog for her walk, Rob came home for lunch  & I have NO idea what I was saying/going to write. 
Me & Little Bit
I was pondering the other day, when did bad become good? When did we/society decide that using opposites (slang) is a good way to express how great we think something is. Bad or wicked for example. And does this help promote evil in the world by desensitizing us to the thought of bad. Just a thought to chew on. Please let me know what you think. Today I realize God is really trying to get it though my thick head - be humble. I have been too proud all my life, which seems so incongruous with the fact that I also have thought badly of myself. But being prideful does not equal being self-confident or anything like that. So now that I have rambled on, please go back to your regular programing. Love you all!

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