Sunday, July 31, 2011


Check me out, 2 in one day.
I just started reading 365 Days of Thanking God: Cultivating a Heart of Everyday Thanks by Daniella Whyte. 
As many of you know, I have all kinds of issues. But I am as always trying to work through my insecure mental weirdness. I am unfortunately often a negative person & depressed much of my life, but the real issues comes in that I KNOW it is a false feeling. It is wrong. So rather than beating myself up for being an ungrateful twit, I am in therapy & really have turned to God - though it is too easy to slip out of thinking of Him first. Most of the things I need to do, (& not just me, beneficial for just about everyone in one way or another,) start off as forming habits. You get in a habit of something & it eventually will become 2nd nature. So I am starting my thankfulness project. I plan on posting here or on facebook (or if unable to get online, writing in my journal,) ONE thing everyday that I am thankful for & will try not to repeat myself. 
The non-repeating is hard b/c when-ever I think of what I am thankful for there is a whole rush of stuff that ALWAYS comes to my mind...

  1. Rob
  2. my kids
  3. my family
  4. my pets
  5. my home
  6. financial security
  7. the fact that we have all we need
  8. retirement is soon
  9. Rob is with me & not deployed (when applicable)
  10. I am saved through Christ
  11. We have Grace
  12. our health
  13. humor
  14. internet 

and more, but that's the main ones. Would you like to join me in being thankful???

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