Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I really do suck at this blogging business

No matter my intentions, I have trouble staying on task. But today I decided to list my favorite disaster movies. Gosh I just love a good disaster movie. I think half the fun of watching a disaster flick is getting to yell at the screen for stupid actions/plot lines/etc. If you have any you don't see listed, please share :)

Up first I have "Acts of God" type flicks...

Next are the one's that I'm not sure fit the  "disaster" genre or not. But they still come to my mind when I think of disaster movies.
Now, I know there are more in both categories & I am sure more that I have actually seen, but this is, I think, my mostly complete list. 
When asking Rob, he started adding to my 2nd list movies such as "Lake Placid" & "Anaconda" but they don't fit for me. lol. Poor Rob, I know he must get frustrated with me. Thank God He loves me any way :) 
*all links to imdb