Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good intentions

Seriously, if I could just blog from my brain, I would be posting at least once a day. I think about it, but am terrible about getting around to just SITTING DOWN & actually writing down the thoughts in my head. I have a partially written recipe post I will finish one of these days. Banana bread. Yum.
Aaaany way, just popping by to say hi blogosphere, I'm thinking of you. My good friend & awesome photographer Tara Hayes is fixing to PCS ( for non-military friends, that basically just means move,) & even though the weather & lighting sucked, we had a pinup photoshoot. I got dolled up thanks to another friend, the fabulous Lola Del Valle. I wish I could do my own victory rolls b/c this hair ROCKS. I love the look. Lip color is Blu-red + Cranberry Lipsense (of course.)

Prudence had to get in on the photoshoot. 

If anyone in the JBLM area is looking for hair/makeup, give Lola a holler & anyone in the Springfield, Il 😢 area needs a photographer please contact Tara. And anyone looking for some great lipstick that is long wearing & won't smear please hit me up 😉

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stealing my joy

I know I said I'd post a recipe next but life has had other ideas. I've had a pretty great week & the past few days have been throwing stuff to try to steal my joy. It's like for every good that happens something bad has to happen. Wednesday, I found out we get to keep volunteering, which was like jump for joy awesomeness. Same day, I lost my wedding band. I take it off at the gym when it starts to dig into my hand & put it in my pants waistband pocket or my water bottle if I don't have a pocket. (As of this writing I still have not located it & it's looking like a replacement will be a bit difficult as they've discontinued the comfort fit band that I love so much.) And you know, I'm disappointed, but not down. Then Rob & I had a LOVELY day out on Saturday.Relaxed walk in the Proctor District, doughnuts at Legendary Doughnuts ðŸ¤¤ðŸ˜
& then that evening Ivy has an accident. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely thankful that she wasn't hurt & Lord knows that the damage could've been much worse or others could have been involved, but it still royally sucks. I get why she got nervous & wish I could tell all cops please don't use intimidation techniques on the road. Don't follow closely, especially a night. She knew she wasn't doing anything wrong, but it still made her so nervous that she took the turn into our neighborhood too wide & took out a large rock & tore up the front passenger bumper, undercarriage, rim & who knows what else. I have been the one being followed in the past & it scared me. A single female alone a night, even if it's a cop car, it is intimidating to be followed. She's upset with herself b/c she knows she should have pulled over until she was calm rather than keep driving. But it's easy to know & much more difficult to do. So today, I'm indulging in a funk.
kitty snuggles & bunny ears ftw
I am so thankful for my supportive family who support me & comfort me. I spent the day in my pjs not counting calories, not exercising, not doing a darn thing but vegging out & watching the boobtube & stuffing my face. And you know what? I feel better. Not physically. Physically I feel like crap - b/c of eating junk food & sitting on my butt all day, but emotionally I feel better & am ready to get up tomorrow & hit the gym & take the car to the shop. Sometimes just need to remember to "Always look on the bright side of life."

p.s.- if you check to the upper right corner of my blog, you'll see my links & that I have finally finished my makeup order form if you are ready to buy just give it a click. If you want more info, check out my Facebook Group "Heather's Life Proof Makeup" (also linked) or just shoot me a message. 💋

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Feelin' the love!

Oh My Gosh! I am completely & utterly floored. The power of the people can work! At least in this instance. There was enough of an outcry against cutting the volunteers who did not want to sign on with the contracted company, that management (read: MWR) has agreed to grandfather those of us who want to continue volunteering into a new agreement so we can stay on & still be covered by insurance. WOW 😳😮😻 Granted there are still going to be changes (at least for my classes) as the contracted company takes priority, so I have to change days & times, but that's OK! I'm fine with that. I get to stay with my community as well as join a new one at Anytime. MAN. I tell you & I feel so loved right now.  & BLESSED!!!
And today I came home & it was like a 2nd Christmas, my order from Senegence came in, so now I gots me some inventory. Woohoo! Who wants to get some awesome lipstick? Just in time for Valentines day! Lipstick that doesn't transfer, so you can do some smooching' & it won't get on your partner, or your clothes or wear off halfway through dinner... Let me know. I even have a PayPal business account now, just no website b/c can't afford one yet, lol. But I will have an order form/google doc. set up by end of this weekend. (Can not wait to try a couple new colors for myself. 😁 💋.) And if I'm not trying to sell enough, I also have a discount code for y'all if you're looking for Zumba wear. Gets you a 10% discount, just by putting in my code. I don't expect anyone to buy anything, but if you thought of getting it anyway, why not from little ol' me. 😋
And to finish the day I have a snuggly kitty purring on my lap.
💖I tell y'all what. It was a great day!💖
 Shop Zumba use code foof4e
Shop Zumba & use code foof4e
(Please, no english teachers judge my post, I know my writing is horrid, shouldn't start sentence with "And" or "But." But (yeah, yeah, yeah) at least I'm actually posting again & pretty often. Oooh, I think next post may be a recipe. stay tuned...)

Monday, January 23, 2017

2 Weeks

Only 2 weeks left teaching on base. I don't like change, yet being with the military that has been my entire adult life. Change, change & more change. I didn't choose this change, but in a way I did. I am so thankful I was hired on at Anytime Fitness DuPont, because otherwise I would have felt I HAD to stay on with the new contracted company & I just am not comfortable with them. I still get to teach Zumba twice a week at Anytime & I still have my workout group on base, (GROUP, not class, they know I'm not responsible for them, so changes in policy don't affect us 😜.) I've decided to take this unexpected free time to start running again (slacked off over the summer & never started back,) & maybe explore some other forms of exercise that aren't in my current repertoire. I am also hoping to get a Zumba in the parks program going in Tacoma (fingers crossed.) So, as my lovely friend Fay reminded me today, every cloud has a silver lining & what can start as a negative can lead to growth. So I will cherish these last 2 weeks with my Zumba family on base and move on to new things with lovely memories.
One immediate benefit to the change is that I can adjust my schedule to spend more time with Rob. As many may know, he works swing shifts. Which means that he leaves not long after lunch & gets home late. So I generally rush home after class so I can spend an hour or so with him before he leaves, because I can't always stay up to see him when he comes home. Because we don't have a lot of time together when I get home from the gym I generally don't want to spend it showering, so I generally change into an outfit that is loose & relaxed & just towel dry then shower when he leaves. I figure I'd share my usual winter outfit for y'alls amusement. I may look silly, but it's comfy, & thanks to SeneGence I still look fabulous. Face dolled up wearing a sock monkey striped onsie - hot! lol.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hair fail

Victory Roll Flop
My very talented photographer friend, Tara Hayes, is leaving soon 😭 so finally going through with a photoshoot I've been thinking of for quite some time. I've thought for years that I should do a pin up girl shoot to give as a gift to Rob. Well, not too many years ago I was not happy with my body & would not be ok being scantily clad in a pic. It would have just depressed me. But now, I'm good. I like how I look & really want to give this gift to my hubby & want it done by my friend. So, now I'm trying to learn how to do victory rolls. I think I may need to hire someone. But at least I know my makeup will be good & my lips will be great for the entire shoot & won't smear when I change outfits. :) Just waiting on my latest order.

PS- If anyone local knows how to do victory rolls & is willing to work on a good price (maybe a trade - all for the barter system,) please let me know

Monday, January 16, 2017

back at it again

I've come a long way baby!
Revamping the ol' blog. Tons o' stuff has happened since my last post. I mean, for Pete's sake, it's been ye-he-he-eeeears. I've lost about half my size, got totally into Zumba (💗me some Zumba,) changed my lifestyle & NOW have fallen onto the make-up band wagon. DUDES! This stuff is the bomb diggity. 
Sooo, not only do I love Zumba, I also became an instructor. I mean I started out, first class July 2014 at a size 20+, 250 lbs with 2 left feet. Exercise equaled pain. But I had gotten on the pathway for bariatric surgery & when I listened to the Doc, I thought, "no, I need to give this one last shot." I mean, I've been fighting my weight my entire life. Was put on Weight Watchers at 12. Only times I was thin I just didn't eat or did other unhealthy things to keep it off & that's not sustainable. So I downloaded "My Fitness Pal" & looked up classes at the gym & went to my first Zumba class & fell in love. I could go at my own pace & modify when I couldn't do what the instructor was doing. It was the perfect gateway drug to the gym. Fast Forward to present day. I now am at the gym most mornings & b/c I'm already out & about end up running my errands afterwards. My skin isn't what it used to be & I wanted to look nice when in public, but how when I sweat like a darn pig every time I work out? & then I saw a mind boggling video on Facebook. Have you seen it? Where the girl has got these crazy intense lips & rubs them & they doesn't smear? Smears her lips all over a glass & nada? Under water & lipstick is still in place. I was like "What voodoo is this???" 
Lipsense of the day "Fire n Ice"
So I looked it up. It's called Lipsense by Senegence. It's a direct sales company, (you know, like Mary Kay, Tupperware, Lularoe & such.) The lips are amazing. Can have bright lipstick that doesn't transfer & lasts for hours. Through my workout & my shower. Granted I don't get quite the longetivity some do, but as you can tell, I put it through the wringer. I get at least 5 hour before I need a touch up & that's with workouts, food, drink, bubble gum & a shower. & there is no trace of my bright lipstick left on anything. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. And they carry other waterproof makeup as well. I am in the process of checking out the foundation. But if you want to hear more about Senegence & maybe want to get some magical lipstick for your very own, please let me know. (Seriously, contact me ;) here's my distributor #250477 - it even has moneyback guarentee. How can you argue with that?)  I promise, this isn't the last you'll hear from me. I'm back baby. xoxo 💕