Monday, January 23, 2017

2 Weeks

Only 2 weeks left teaching on base. I don't like change, yet being with the military that has been my entire adult life. Change, change & more change. I didn't choose this change, but in a way I did. I am so thankful I was hired on at Anytime Fitness DuPont, because otherwise I would have felt I HAD to stay on with the new contracted company & I just am not comfortable with them. I still get to teach Zumba twice a week at Anytime & I still have my workout group on base, (GROUP, not class, they know I'm not responsible for them, so changes in policy don't affect us 😜.) I've decided to take this unexpected free time to start running again (slacked off over the summer & never started back,) & maybe explore some other forms of exercise that aren't in my current repertoire. I am also hoping to get a Zumba in the parks program going in Tacoma (fingers crossed.) So, as my lovely friend Fay reminded me today, every cloud has a silver lining & what can start as a negative can lead to growth. So I will cherish these last 2 weeks with my Zumba family on base and move on to new things with lovely memories.
One immediate benefit to the change is that I can adjust my schedule to spend more time with Rob. As many may know, he works swing shifts. Which means that he leaves not long after lunch & gets home late. So I generally rush home after class so I can spend an hour or so with him before he leaves, because I can't always stay up to see him when he comes home. Because we don't have a lot of time together when I get home from the gym I generally don't want to spend it showering, so I generally change into an outfit that is loose & relaxed & just towel dry then shower when he leaves. I figure I'd share my usual winter outfit for y'alls amusement. I may look silly, but it's comfy, & thanks to SeneGence I still look fabulous. Face dolled up wearing a sock monkey striped onsie - hot! lol.

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