Monday, January 16, 2017

back at it again

I've come a long way baby!
Revamping the ol' blog. Tons o' stuff has happened since my last post. I mean, for Pete's sake, it's been ye-he-he-eeeears. I've lost about half my size, got totally into Zumba (πŸ’—me some Zumba,) changed my lifestyle & NOW have fallen onto the make-up band wagon. DUDES! This stuff is the bomb diggity. 
Sooo, not only do I love Zumba, I also became an instructor. I mean I started out, first class July 2014 at a size 20+, 250 lbs with 2 left feet. Exercise equaled pain. But I had gotten on the pathway for bariatric surgery & when I listened to the Doc, I thought, "no, I need to give this one last shot." I mean, I've been fighting my weight my entire life. Was put on Weight Watchers at 12. Only times I was thin I just didn't eat or did other unhealthy things to keep it off & that's not sustainable. So I downloaded "My Fitness Pal" & looked up classes at the gym & went to my first Zumba class & fell in love. I could go at my own pace & modify when I couldn't do what the instructor was doing. It was the perfect gateway drug to the gym. Fast Forward to present day. I now am at the gym most mornings & b/c I'm already out & about end up running my errands afterwards. My skin isn't what it used to be & I wanted to look nice when in public, but how when I sweat like a darn pig every time I work out? & then I saw a mind boggling video on Facebook. Have you seen it? Where the girl has got these crazy intense lips & rubs them & they doesn't smear? Smears her lips all over a glass & nada? Under water & lipstick is still in place. I was like "What voodoo is this???" 
Lipsense of the day "Fire n Ice"
So I looked it up. It's called Lipsense by Senegence. It's a direct sales company, (you know, like Mary Kay, Tupperware, Lularoe & such.) The lips are amazing. Can have bright lipstick that doesn't transfer & lasts for hours. Through my workout & my shower. Granted I don't get quite the longetivity some do, but as you can tell, I put it through the wringer. I get at least 5 hour before I need a touch up & that's with workouts, food, drink, bubble gum & a shower. & there is no trace of my bright lipstick left on anything. Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me. And they carry other waterproof makeup as well. I am in the process of checking out the foundation. But if you want to hear more about Senegence & maybe want to get some magical lipstick for your very own, please let me know. (Seriously, contact me ;) here's my distributor #250477 - it even has moneyback guarentee. How can you argue with that?)  I promise, this isn't the last you'll hear from me. I'm back baby. xoxo πŸ’•

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