Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Feelin' the love!

Oh My Gosh! I am completely & utterly floored. The power of the people can work! At least in this instance. There was enough of an outcry against cutting the volunteers who did not want to sign on with the contracted company, that management (read: MWR) has agreed to grandfather those of us who want to continue volunteering into a new agreement so we can stay on & still be covered by insurance. WOW 😳😮😻 Granted there are still going to be changes (at least for my classes) as the contracted company takes priority, so I have to change days & times, but that's OK! I'm fine with that. I get to stay with my community as well as join a new one at Anytime. MAN. I tell you & I feel so loved right now.  & BLESSED!!!
And today I came home & it was like a 2nd Christmas, my order from Senegence came in, so now I gots me some inventory. Woohoo! Who wants to get some awesome lipstick? Just in time for Valentines day! Lipstick that doesn't transfer, so you can do some smooching' & it won't get on your partner, or your clothes or wear off halfway through dinner... Let me know. I even have a PayPal business account now, just no website b/c can't afford one yet, lol. But I will have an order form/google doc. set up by end of this weekend. (Can not wait to try a couple new colors for myself. 😁 💋.) And if I'm not trying to sell enough, I also have a discount code for y'all if you're looking for Zumba wear. Gets you a 10% discount, just by putting in my code. I don't expect anyone to buy anything, but if you thought of getting it anyway, why not from little ol' me. 😋
And to finish the day I have a snuggly kitty purring on my lap.
💖I tell y'all what. It was a great day!💖
 Shop Zumba use code foof4e
Shop Zumba & use code foof4e
(Please, no english teachers judge my post, I know my writing is horrid, shouldn't start sentence with "And" or "But." But (yeah, yeah, yeah) at least I'm actually posting again & pretty often. Oooh, I think next post may be a recipe. stay tuned...)

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