Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hair fail

Victory Roll Flop
My very talented photographer friend, Tara Hayes, is leaving soon 😭 so finally going through with a photoshoot I've been thinking of for quite some time. I've thought for years that I should do a pin up girl shoot to give as a gift to Rob. Well, not too many years ago I was not happy with my body & would not be ok being scantily clad in a pic. It would have just depressed me. But now, I'm good. I like how I look & really want to give this gift to my hubby & want it done by my friend. So, now I'm trying to learn how to do victory rolls. I think I may need to hire someone. But at least I know my makeup will be good & my lips will be great for the entire shoot & won't smear when I change outfits. :) Just waiting on my latest order.

PS- If anyone local knows how to do victory rolls & is willing to work on a good price (maybe a trade - all for the barter system,) please let me know

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