Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good intentions

Seriously, if I could just blog from my brain, I would be posting at least once a day. I think about it, but am terrible about getting around to just SITTING DOWN & actually writing down the thoughts in my head. I have a partially written recipe post I will finish one of these days. Banana bread. Yum.
Aaaany way, just popping by to say hi blogosphere, I'm thinking of you. My good friend & awesome photographer Tara Hayes is fixing to PCS ( for non-military friends, that basically just means move,) & even though the weather & lighting sucked, we had a pinup photoshoot. I got dolled up thanks to another friend, the fabulous Lola Del Valle. I wish I could do my own victory rolls b/c this hair ROCKS. I love the look. Lip color is Blu-red + Cranberry Lipsense (of course.)

Prudence had to get in on the photoshoot. 

If anyone in the JBLM area is looking for hair/makeup, give Lola a holler & anyone in the Springfield, Il 😢 area needs a photographer please contact Tara. And anyone looking for some great lipstick that is long wearing & won't smear please hit me up 😉